Samantha Prabhu Relishes Sattvic Meal At Isha Foundation, Coimbatore

Actress Samantha Prabhu, who shared her experience of being at the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, was accompanied by fashion designer Kresha Bajaj – who shared a picture of a thali meal that was in the process of coming together. The all-vegetarian, sattvic lunch comprised of a cucumber-tomato salad, snake gourd cooked with coconut, turmeric coated potatoes, a dal with grated coconut and curry leaves, as well as a bowl of papaya. Served on a steel thali that was emblazoned with the foundation’s logo, the simple fare appeared waiting to be eaten.

Both, Samantha and Kresha, who are known to enjoy delicious meals during their travels together, were last seen enjoying multiple courses of pasta, desserts and more at a restaurant in Greece on the occasion of the former’s birthday. The actress, who follows a plant-based diet, has a fairly clean pattern of eating – starting her usual day with lots of fruits, dry fruits and oatmeal. Alternately, she also prefers to eat eggs and avocado for breakfast, making sure her daily protein and good fat requirements are met with.

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While lunch comprises of brown rice with rasam, sambar or dal, Samantha’s love for fruits meant that she enjoys them in a smoothie during evenings. Swearing by at least three cups of green tea in a day, she also ensures that her dinner of quinoa, vegetables and soup wraps up by 8:00 pm. Following the 80-20% rule for her diet routine, the actress opts to enjoy her cheat days gorging on biryani and different types of desserts. Samantha also prefers to opt for fish or meat when it comes to pairing protein with millets, while complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes also make an appearance from time to time.