If you are in sync with the world of food, you would definitely know about the internet sensation, Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, also known as 'Salt Bae'. Ever since a meme of him sprinkling salt on steak went viral in 2017, Gokce propelled into instant fame. From memes to trolls to internet slamming, the chef and butcher has had it all. Five years later, the sensational chef now owns a chain of restaurants by the name 'Nusr-Et' at many exotic locations around the world. 

Remember back In September 2021, his London restaurant made the internet go berserk with its exorbitant prices even for the simplest of dishes? Well, it seems like with Salt Bae you can never run out of controversies. In a latest row, a video of him serving steak to British singer Anne Marie has got many Reddit users divided. Take a look: 

The clip, shared by user u/AbelNB in the sub-Reddit r/Cringetopia, has received over 41.4k upvotes and 5.3k comments since the time it has been uploaded. While it isn’t a new clip and is said to be sourced from a YouTube video posted about two years ago, the users just can’t wrap their head around what is so special about the whole video.  

In the one-minute-long video, we can see 'Salt Bae' in his signature attire with a huge sword-like knife, presenting the steak to the singer, who is seated at the table. As she waits for the chef to cut up the steak and serve it, Gokce cuts the steak in his trademark dramatic manner and serves it to her. She seems to be quite delighted to see the famous Turkish chef in action and even gets a chance to put salt on the steak like the meme itself. Many Reddit users weren't quite impressed and stood divided. The Reddit community voted on whether or not the video was cringe-worthy. 

"What's so special about this," questioned the user in his post. Take a look at the reactions to the post: 

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