Sahil Sambhi's Culinary Extravaganza And What Sets It Apart!
Image Credit: Molecule Noida

Delhi/ NCR sees no dearth of party places that really have set the tone of the city over the years. One such is Molecule and the main man behind the same Sahil Sambhi says “My journey started long ago, when I was a teenager. The sheer fascination for food and restaurants was always there in me since I was young. I was always on the lookout for an opportunity to learn and understand this industry and start something of my own. Having received one such opportunity to open a restaurant in 2015, it was the start of my Molecule journey, and I haven't looked back since. This brand is not just a business; it's an emotion that is very close to my heart. It is from Molecule that it all started; it has given me so many accolades, and everything I've achieved started from an opportunity that Molecule gave me”. 

With 3rd Molecule in the city this extravagant space spread over 9000 sq ft sees a sees a larger than life feel. The entrance of the Noida Molecule sees a reservoir of opulence through a magnificent glass pieces hand cut mirrored wall bringing walls to life. The primary objective of Molecule in Noida is to elevate the standard of dining in the city because. The interiors are spacious with well stocked bar and comfortable seating. 

He says “This place’s objective has been to distinguish itself from its numerous counterparts in the restaurant category by being unique. I believe that Molecule stands out due to its status as an all-day diner, its changing ambiance throughout the day, and its ability to cater to people of all ages and backgrounds. Beginning at noon, the restaurant offers excellent lunch options with soft retro music playing in the background, making it ideal for a family lunch or a quick weekday meal. As evening sets in, the music transitions to upbeat house music, the lighting dims, and the restaurant transforms into a lounge atmosphere, serving delectable appetizers and cocktails. The night culminates in a nightclub ambiance as a DJ spins dance tracks, concluding the day on a high note”. 

L-R - Sushant, Sahil and Himmat 


While this lavish space will leave you enchanted in all ways, rest assured that the food and drinks too will not disappoint you. The food that has been carefully crafted by Chef Himmat S Rautela while the bar is under the supervision of mixologist Sushant Sharma. 

From the delectable Poached Chicken Dumplings to the exotic pork belly to the bao’s to the avocado bruschetta’s all was perfect to tee. What followed next was the Mutton adana kebab along with the Cantonese Lamb chops. Himmat has made sure each plates is taken care with much perfection. 

Heading to the bar the Sushant served some of the best cokctails like Nostalgic Night, Holy Smokes, Florence Duck which were an absolute trippy star. 

The menu is handpicked and curated, keeping in mind current trends and preferences, and features a blend of Asian, Mediterranean, European, and Indian dishes. The cocktail menu is another standout feature, with each cocktail uniquely crafted using fresh ingredients without any artificial or synthetic elements

With comforting flavours, delish cocktail & cosy vibes design be at the perfect spot for the high-class city residents & foreign guests, searching for something new in the city. The luxurious and classy design is one of a kind in Noida with all its alluring space design, matched with its new tech friendly upgrades