Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has always made India proud with his outstanding batting skills. We are not only thankful for the countless records that he has made, but also for some historic cricketing moments that he gave to his fans and sports lovers throughout his active years on the ground. But did you know that besides being a pro at the game, the ‘God of Cricket’ seems to be a pro in his kitchen as well? At least, he can surely brew some coffee well for his friends. How do we know? Well, he just revealed it on Instagram. The legendary cricketer - who retired from international cricket back in 2013, after playing at his home ground, the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai - has recently given a glimpse of how he prepares coffee. He showed his coffee-making skills in a short video that he shared on social media. “I enjoy making coffee for myself,” Sachin said in the video, while quickly adding, “And, for friends”.  

The video shows Sachin, dressed in a yellow T-shirt and jeans, making three cups of coffee. At one point in the video, the ‘Master Blaster’ also describes himself as ‘talented’, and we can't agree more after watching the complete video. He explains how without even knowing the amount of water there was in the electric kettle, he poured an equal amount of water in the three cups. And, we can't agree more. Take a look at the video:


“Doston ke saath acche time ke liye kabhi kabhi thodi coffee kaafi hoti hai!” the 49-year-old wrote in the caption of his video, along with a coffee cup emoji. Well, we are pretty sure Sachin would’ve made some amazing coffee for his friends.  

Coffee is quite a favourite of many across the world. From kick-starting those lazy mornings to pulling through the day, or relaxing at the end of one, coffee is one a trusted solution for many reasons. In fact, it comes with several benefits, including boosting mood and heart health.  

Coming back to Sachin and his cooking skills, this isn’t the first time the ‘Master Blaster’ has showcased one, and is definitely not limited to just coffee. In an earlier post, Sachin mixed cricket with cooking, and the results were mind blowing. He tried his hands at making an omelette, and complimented the video with a dash of his commentary skills in the kitchen. As he started to cook, Sachin said, “Now, the batsman is set.” Then he threw some more cricket terms like ‘smash’ and ‘wristwork’ and flipped the omelette in the pan. He ended that stint in the kitchen by saying, “Now, the match is done”. 

What do you think of Sachin’s culinary skills? Let us know.