It’s A Scrambled Eggs Treat For Sachin Tendulkar On Father’s Day
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Pexel

The world celebrated Father’s Day on June 19. From our favourite Bollywood celebrities to sports legends, everyone dedicated the day to either their fathers or the father dedicated it to their kids. Be it Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan’s lunch with Saif Ali Khan or Shweta Bachchan’s adorable picture with Amitabh Bachchan, it was refreshing to see celebrities sharing a glimpse of the special day with their fans and followers. One of those that stood out was legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar’s heartwarming celebration with son Arjun Tendulkar. While the latter might be known as a pace-bowling all-rounder, on the occasion of Father’s day, he turned chef for his father.  

Sachin is an avid user of social media, and on the occasion of Father’s Day, the batting maestro took to Instagram to share a photo with his son Arjun Tendulkar, to share how he he had ‘the best scrambled eggs in the world today’ made by him. Adorable, isn’t it? Take a look at the picture Sachin shared: 

Image: Sachin Tendulkar Instagram

“Had the best scrambled eggs in the world today made by Arjun,” Sachin wrote in the caption of the post and went on to describe how the dish was. “The creaminess, texture and consistency was so good!” he wrote further. And guess what the most important ingredient was? Love of course. "A breakfast filled with love...couldn't have asked for more. #FathersDay”, Sachin went on to write along with a heart emoji. 

Isn’t that the cutest little celebration? We love it when our cricketers go beyond their amazing performance on the field and take us in to show a glimpse of their personal lives. And our master blaster is one of those sportsmen who does it more often. From slaying his kitchen takeover, to his coffee-making skills, and birthday celebrations with the family, Sachin shares it all.   

Seems like, besides cricket the father-son duo bond over cooking too, as we are super impressed with Arjun’s scrambled eggs too. Going by Sachin’s caption, the eggs seem to be just the perfect creamy. Wondering how to make the creamiest scrambled eggs? We’ve got a few tips for you. 

1. Beat Well 

You must’ve heard about this one, but well, this is the most important one. You must beat vigorously to make the eggs full of air. Since whisking incorporates air, the more you whisk, the fluffier scrambled eggs you’ll have.

2. Utensils 

Avoid using a cast iron skillet while scrambling eggs, because they tend to leave a greenish shade to the dish. This is due to the sulfur in egg whites reacting with the iron of the pan.  

3. Go for milk, instead of cream

Scrambled eggs when made with cream can be a little too rich, but the scrambled eggs made with milk will turn out light and fluffy, and just rich enough. So while you can use both, the result with milk will yield not just rich, but also light and fluffy.