Sacher Torte- Austria’s Well Kept Secret
Image Credit: Freepik

We live in a world where there are so many countries, each with its own distinct culture. Similar to how we have famous desserts like rabdi or gulab jamun, Austria has a classic chocolate cake known as Sacher Torte or Sachertorte.It’s a chocolate tiered(layered) cake with apricot jam layers and cherries in between. It’s generally served with whipped cream and dark chocolate frosting (unsweetened).

In 1832, Franz Sacher (thus the name) created this iconic chocolate cake for Prince Metternich of Vienna. According to some stories, Franz was working as an apprentice cook under one of Metternich’s main chefs, when the main chef fell ill one day Franz was asked to present a chocolate cake for the guests.

Franz was a small boy, all of 16 at the time, and he loved chocolates, so he created this cake in that kitchen, which everyone adored and complimented. Soon after, everyone was raving about this cake, and it has remained a popular dish in Austria to this day.

Image source-Freepik

This cake is so well-known that nearly every pastry chef in the world has attempted, but failed, to replicate the recipe.The actual secret, according to the people, is not in the cake but in the dark chocolate icing, which is still a secret and will never be shared outside of Vienna, Austria. The particular icing for Sacher torte is reported to be made with three different types of dark chocolates, all of which are sourced specifically from Germany and Belgium, where these dark chocolates are made solely for this dessert. These black chocolates, according to sources, are not meant to be sold anywhere else.

Where can I get a genuine Sacher torte?

Despite the fact that numerous pastry chefs have developed their own recipes, the Hotel Sacher remains the only one with access to the original recipe, which they offer with trademark and original markings. Every day, around 270,000 pieces of cake are sold, which may also be purchased online. In addition to this hotel, You can also buy the original cake from Italy as well.

In today’s world, going on vacation to Austria and not eating Sacher torte is like committing a gastronomic crime. So, anytime you get an opportunity to travel there, make sure to try this scrumptious cake.

Even if you don’t have access to the original recipe, you can still make a delicious dark chocolate cake at home with apricot jam and cherries as a filling. Though not original, you can also sample this cake from L’opera bakery in Delhi, which sells a delicious pastry version of the cake.