Sabudana Thalipeeth: A Maharashtrian Breakfast Of Champions
Image Credit: iStock, Sabudana Thalipeeth

Maharashtra is the third largest state of India as per area, needless to say, it has been home to countless communities with varied food habits. From staunch vegetarians to hardcore meat-eaters, there’s food for everyone in Maharashtra, thanks to these communities that have made Maharashtra an exceptional food hub for foodies around the globe. Maharashtra’s proximity to the sea, also allowed many interesting food items to enter the region via trade. For instance, Tapioca, Sabudana or Sago. If we were to count some of our favourite Maharashtrian delicacies of all times, Sabudana khichdi, would most certainly be one of the top three. But did you know Sago, arrived in India only some 150 years ago from Singapore and Malaysia. That’s right, these starchy, white pearls are not native to India, and back in the day, they were considered very ‘exotic’. With the limitations in trade that took place post-second World War, India along with the rest of the world who was rather charmed by the pseudo-cereal set up their own units and plants to produce tapioca pearls. 

Source: iStock

Here’s the complete recipe of Sabudana Thalipeeth, try it soon and let us know how you liked it.