Russian Food Enthusiast's XXXL Chocolate Bar Takes The Internet By Storm
Image Credit: Screengrab of video/Instagram, From brownies to cheesecake, the chocolate bar can be used in a number of ways.

It is a routine that after every meal my sister and I wander into the kitchen, opening shelves and cabinets and desperately searching the fridge for something sweet. Just a little bite of a candy or chocolate pop satiates us and we can get back to work after that. Chocolate is our go-to dessert at any time of the day. From cakes to candies and ice creams, the chocolate flavour is something we love to devour. Often times, when there’s just a bar of chocolate left in the fridge, it is an indication of an upcoming tussle between my sister and I as to who would grab it. 

Seems like this food lover was going through a similar dilemma otherwise why on earth would someone create such a huge chocolate bar? A Russian woman who goes by the name, @ya_kushat_hochu, shared a reel on her Instagram handle, showing us a XXXL-sized chocolate bar and we are quite impressed. Right from tempering of chocolates to the final outcome of the giant chocolate bar, she shows us the process of making these bars. Here’s what it looks like. 

Source: Ya Kushat Hochu/Instagram 

The video begins with the woman being offered a bar of snickers. She gets too excited but sadly, the unwrapping leads to disappointment because it is a really small bar. She brings a large cardboard box and empties loads of chocolate bites into a bowl. She tempers the chocolate and spreads it on the base of the box. Next, she pours in loads of oil in a bowl and slathers a creamy and soft mixture on top of the chocolate base. Then she prepares the sticky caramel with lots of peanuts. She mixes it well and spreads it next. She repeats the layering in the box and finally takes out a frozen bar of chocolate. This huge snickers bar leaves us amazed and tempted. 

The video has crossed over 1 million views in the last few days and has become quite a rage. Now, if you want to eat some chocolates, you wouldn’t have to make such a huge bar because we have some dessert recipes for you. 

1.  Snickers Brownies 

Gooey and fudgy brownies, coming right up. These brownies are made with snickers chocolate and are filled with crunchy and soft layers. It is super easy to make and requires minimum ingredients. 

2.  Snickers Cheesecake 

This soft and creamy cheesecake is flavoured with sweet snickers. The base is made from oreos for the crunch while you would find chocolate and caramel layers in between the cake. The cake is topped which pieces of snickers chocolate.