‘Rum Maaro Rum’: Did You Know About These Rum Types?

There are two types of people in the world. While some don't like rum, some swear by it. And if you fall into the second category, you have come to the right place. Rum is not just a drink but one that gives a feeling of warmth and comfort. Rum doesn’t have fans but followers. Winter is not the only time when one can enjoy rum but it is the time when a person can gulp an unlimited amount of the rum, they like the most.  

Did you know that rum is produced in more than 80 countries using different methods, fermentation processes, distillation types, blending styles, and aging techniques? Though classified into so many types, let us know about the most popular rum types.  

White Rum 

White rum is clear, mildly flavoured, and lighter as compared to its other counterparts. White rum is considered perfect to create cocktails not required to have bold rum flavours. It is popular in drinks like Cuba Libre, Mojito, the Daiquiri, and Pina Colada.  

Gold Rum 

The golden rum presents a more flavourful profile as compared to the white rum. When rum mellows in barrels, it takes on golden hues. Generally, it is used to make cocktails that require a strong flavour. Apart from being used in cocktails, gold rum is also enjoyed neat or on the rocks and is also used in baking and making desserts. 

Dark Rum 

Dark rum is a type of rum often aged in oak barrels for stretched periods. Many aged rums are referred to as dark rum only to distinguish them from light. Generally, rum that is not clear and is different from black and gold rum is considered dark rum. This rum offers more vibrant flavours as compared to overproof, white rum, and spiced rum. 

Overproof Rum 

Overproof rum is a type of rum that contains a higher concentration of alcohol. Overproof rums are quite popular in the Caribbean Islands where locals prefer a stronger drink. Besides, it is also used in cooking recipes that call for rum to be ignited in flame. Some of the classic rum punches are made using high-proof rum mixed with tropical juices. 

Spiced Rum 

Spiced rum is infused with myriad flavours and spices offering a unique flavour to not just cocktails but rum cakes and holiday libations. The spices used are generally derived from dried fruit, root, leaf, and bark of edible flora. So many spiced concoctions that are quite popular, were originally created as medicinal treatments. 


It is a specific category of rum made in the French territories of the Caribbean, especially Martinique. It is distilled from fresh and pure cane juice to about 70 percent alcohol which is lesser than most molasses-based rums. This allows the rum to retain more of the original flavor of the full cane juice. 

So, all rum lovers, did you know about these rum types? Do let us know!