Rules To Make A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Warm tea's fragrant aroma has the ability to awaken all the senses. Tea aficionados constantly strive to brew the ideal cup of this calming and nutritious beverage. Making the perfect cup of tea for yourself doesn't require you to be an expert in the beverage. A cup of tea can be prepared similarly to a cake. When it comes right down to it, though, it's not that easy. If you, do it correctly, you'll receive a flavorful cup of tea; if you do it incorrectly, you'll get a bitter broth. Some helpful advice will enable you to permanently alter how you make and consume tea so that you may have that perfect cup every morning to start your day. 

Use tea leaves 

Utilizing a tea bag can sound convenient, but with so many unique tea leaf infusers on the market right now, you can enjoy the completely new and distinctive flavour of using tea leaves in your cup. When you give it a try for the first time, you'll discover for yourself that tea may be just as flavorful and fragrant as, say, a cup of coffee. 

Brewing matters 

The belief among ancient tea-drinking civilizations is that tea gets better the more it is brewed. Chinese people, for instance, assert that tea leaves deliver their best flavour and scent after the second or third brew. However, in order for this method to function, the leaves must be removed after the tea has been brewed in order to prevent further stewing of the leaves in the pot. 

Heat water at the right temperature 

Nowadays, it's a common mistake to wait until the water is boiling before pouring it over the tea. Specific tea leaves' flavour and medicinal qualities can actually be destroyed by water that is heated to such a high temperature. Therefore, remember to take out the kettle just as the water begins to boil the next time you wish to make some tea. When it's time to remove the kettle, tiny bubbles on its side may indicate this. 

Add the right amount of water 

When tea leaves are covered with too much water, the flavour of the tea may also be lost. In that regard, you can measure out the right amount of loose tea for each cup size and estimate how much water you'll need by first adding water to the cups (before adding tea, of course), and then pouring water from the cups into the kettle. Naturally, if brewing tea, always use fresh water because stale water can alter the flavour and scent of the tea. 

Choose the right cup 

There are certain recommendations for the ideal kind of teaware while seeking to experience that perfect sip of tea, just as there is a perfect type of glass or cup for every drink. The most satisfying and delicious tea is said to come from porcelain cups. Nowadays, porcelain cups are widely available and come in a variety of artistic designs thanks to specialised shops that take their clients' needs and personalities into account.