Is Your Tea Losing Its Aroma? Store It Right
Image Credit: Tea storage

There is no doubt that tea is a widely used beverage. In reality, several nations, like India, value tea more as a cultural practise. In India, a day wouldn't be complete without a cup of chai, and gatherings wouldn't be complete without a sip of the steaming beverage. As a result, every home would have at least one designated dabba for ‘chai patti.’ However, have you ever questioned why tea leaves lose their flavour after a few weeks? It could be that you are not properly keeping it. We’ve got a solution for you.  

We rarely think about how the tea leaves are stored, despite the fact that there are countless instructions and hacks on the internet that discuss what errors to avoid while preparing a cup of tea. Experts claim that how the leaves are preserved (or kept) has a significant impact on how aromatic your cup of tea will be. Due to this, we have some incredibly simple advice that will help you stay away from the mistakes we often make when keeping chai patti. Let's learn them. 

1. Tea is thought to be a very delicate food ingredient. Therefore, experts advise treating it carefully. The first thing to keep in mind is to keep it out of direct sunlight. The quality of the leaves can be diminished by light exposure. 

2. The next thing to do is to limit our exposure to the air. The reason behind this is that tea leaves quickly absorb moisture from the air, further dampening it. The flavour and aroma of the tea are quickly lost as a result. 

3. As already mentioned, tea is a highly delicate component that is quite responsive to smells. It is always advised to store tea leaves away from anything with a pungent smell, including spice mixes and other flavoured teas, in order to preserve the flavour and aroma. 

4. We advise keeping the tea leaves in an airtight glass or ceramic container to make things simple for you. This will lessen the chances that the tea leaves may accumulate moisture and odour. 

5. The best option is to keep the tea jar in a cold, dark cupboard rather than leaving it on the kitchen counter so that it can stay out of the sun and heat. 

Get some high-quality tea leaves and make a wonderful cup of chai for you to enjoy the weather. Now you also know how to store tea correctly. These practical suggestions for brewing tea will help you more.  

- Choose a good quality tea 

- Use loose tea whenever possible.  

- Brew with fresh, pure water.  

- Use fresh tea in good condition.  

- Steep properly at the right temperature.  

- Heat your teapot with boiling water, then discard or recycle the water.