Roti Wrap For Lunch: Don’t Fuss Over Leftover Rotis And Try This Yummy Recipe
Image Credit: Tee Sharon/Facebook, Wrap it up for lunch now.

Usually, when food is being cooked at home, my mother has a rough idea of the quantity of subzi that would be required to fulfill the need of all the members. Similarly, the rotis are also counted as per the number of people and made accordingly. In case of rice, there’s a lot that can be done when you’ve got bowls leftover after a meal. You could spruce it up into a fried rice with chopped vegetables tossed in a pan or you could simply add some spices like jeera, red chillies and onions to go with some lentil. However, in case of roti, they generally tend to become really dry and hard. 

Leftover rotis should always be wrapped in a kitchen towel and kept in a casserole or box in the refrigerator to prevent them from spoiling. When the time comes to eat them, simply heating them with some ghee could be one way but honestly, that doesn’t really taste so well, especially if you don’t have subzi to go with it. Have you ever thought of making a wrap out of it? Yes, you heard us right. The same wrap that is usually made with tortillas in restaurants can actually be replaced with the humble roti. 

Don’t you remember the wrap trend on social media that went viral a while back? This roti wrap is inspired by the same. While this is a vegetarian recipe, you can always add a meaty touch to it with fried chicken or cold cuts like salami and sausages. In fact, you can also add vegetables and sauces of your choice to this four part wrap. 

The popular Indian flatbread is commonly eaten for lunch and dinner in most households, usually with a subzi. When it becomes a leftover roti, that’s when the hassle begins. In such a scenario, this roti wrap recipe by home chef Alison comes in handy. Without too many ingredients and a short cooking time, you can actually spruce up your lunch. Want to try it? Here’s the recipe. 

Leftover Roti Wrap 


  • Leftover Roti/Tortilla wrap - 1
  • Tikki/Cutlet -1
  • Lettuce - 2-3 leaves
  • Tomatoes - half
  • Sauce of your choice - 1 tsp
  • Butter- 1 tsp


  1. To start, begin by prepping a potato cutlet. Mash some boiled potatoes, mix them with spices and onions. Throw in some coriander leaves and combine it all together. 
  2. Make round, flat cutlets and dip them in some slurry (corn flour and water). Toss the cutlet in breadcrumbs and shallow fry on a pan. 
  3. Take them out and keep aside. 
  4. Next, take your leftover roti and place it in the centre of the slab. Slice it from the centre up till the middle of the roti. 
  5. You have four equal parts to your wrap now. Begin by slathering one part with some tomato ketchup or a sauce of your choice. Place the cutlet on it and press it a little. 
  6. In the next quarter, place a cheese slice and tomatoes and lettuce in the third and fourth one. 
  7. Begin folding it from the sliced end, one top of the other until it becomes a funnel-shaped wrap. 
  8. Heat a grill pan and brush some butter on it. Place your wrap in the centre and top it with some more butter. 
  9. Let it grill for a few minutes and your roti wrap will be ready.  

Source: Slurrpapp/Instagram