Rose Day 2023: 4 Rose-Flavoured Drinks To Make Your Day Special

Valentine’s week has begun with Rose Day, and we know you must be finding ways to surprise your partner. And if you are a foodie couple, food and beverages infused with rose must be on the top of your list. A romantic date night with fresh roses along with rose-flavoured food and drinks is a perfect idea to amp up your Valentine’s week celebrations and make your partner feel special. So, to make your day extra special, we have brought before you some rose-infused drinks that are perfect for the occasion. Try them out and let us know how you like them.

1. Rose Tea

Make your partner a delicious meal and serve it with some fresh roses and an aromatic rose tea. Just add dried or fresh rose petals to a pan filled with water and bring it to a boil. Finish the tea with a sprinkle of cardamom powder and a drizzle of honey and serve.

2. Rose Lassi

The classic Indian cooling drink is perfect to brighten up your mood and reminisce the summer of love. Try it out this Rose Day and surprise your partner with the drink to drive away his/her Monday blues.

3. Rose Milkshake

If you’re in a hurry but want to make something special for your partner, we can’t suggest anything better than a rose milkshake. Made with a few ingredients in a jiffy, rose milkshake is delicious and is sure to amp up your celebrations.

4. Rose Sangria

A romantic Rose Day dinner can surely be revamped with a glass of rose sangria in it. Bring out the weekend vibes on a Monday with this rose sangria recipe that is all things aromatic and flavourful.

5. Rose Margarita

Cocktails can surely create a romantic vibe and margarita is one of the best options. And what’s better than a rose-flavoured margarita to celebrate Rose Day?