Rishi Sunak’s Wife Akshata Murty Serves Tea To Journalists
Image Credit: Akshara Murty and Rishi Sunak

Ever since former UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak resigned from his post, and launched his bid to be the next Prime Minister of United Kingdom, he has become the talk of the town. From media to netizens online, everyone is discussing the political turmoil in the UK. But recently what kept the media busy wasn’t Sunak, but his wife Akshata Murty, daughter of billionaire Infosys cofounder Narayana Murthy. After Sunak’s resignation from the post, Murty was seen serving tea to reporters and photographers waiting outside their luxury home in Kensington, London, 

As per a video clip shared by ITV News on Twitter, Akshata bought ‘round of tea for journalists waiting for him to show his face.’ In the video we could see Murty bringing a tray outside and placing it over a makeshift table, before quickly walking back inside. Take a look at the video:

Several pictures and videos of the moment have gone viral online, and we could also spot some biscuits and a bowl of nuts like cashews and walnuts, and dried fruits along with the tea as well. We could also notice how two cups had black tea while the rest of the three were with milk. Josh Gafson, a journalist who was present at the time shared a close picture of the tray Murty bought, take a look:

 ‘Big thanks to @RishiSunak’s wife who very kindly brought us tea and biscuits outside his house!' Gafson wrote in the caption adding that the tea was "very good”. While this may be a kind gesture, the internet stands divided. Some did think of it as a good deed, some went beyond, noticing how exorbitantly expensive the cups in which the tea was served were. As per media reports, the tea was served in Emma Lacey mugs which are priced at 38 pounds each (₹3,626), according media reports. The internet went on to discuss how the move is in fact ‘tone deaf.’ 'The price of that mug could feed a family for 2 days!!' pointed out a user. What’s your take on Murty and Sunak’s move? 

Well, everything aside Akshata Murty’s gesture has made us crave a cup of tea for ourself. And as a true blue desi, we love nothing less than a kadak masala chai, and if you too are on the same page, we’ve got a fool-proof masala chai recipe right here.