Is there anything more comforting than wrapping our hands around a piping hot cup of chai, full of aromatic spices, early in the morning? After all, there is a reason why many of us prefer to first sip a cup of tea before starting the day! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that tea is something many of us can’t go without; it’s a staple. It’s a constant across seasons and, for millions of Indians, a way to start the day. And no matter how much we love green tea, black tea or black tea, the good old kadak masala chai would never leave our souls. Isn’t it why so many chai ki tapris/stalls are lined up across Indian streets and around every workplace? A place that inhabits many memories for many of us besides scrumptious snacks to go with garam chai ki pyali! 

And while no one knows the exact roots of masala chai or when was it originated, each household has come up with its versions of it. A couple of spices here and there and masala chai of your kind is ready in a few minutes. Some prefer less milk, some more, and while some wouldn’t prefer ginger at all, some would love oodles of masalas. The nitty-gritty of masala chai might differ, but the base remains the same- tea leaves, sugar, spices, milk!  

Health Benefits Of Masala Chai 

And if you think it’s all about the flavour, you’ll be surprised about how many benefits it packs. With the handful of spices, masala chai aids in digestion relieves several aches and pains, relieves cold and cough, and may improve heart health. Recently, celebrity nutritionist and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho took to his Instagram handle to state how our humble masala chai is also an immunity booster! The rich nutrient profile of black tea leaves and spices helps boost immunity and nourish us from within.


Brewed to perfection, making a perfect cup of masala chai isn’t a tough deal and can be made easily at home. Here’s a foolproof recipe for you to try: 

Masala Chai Recipe: 


Equal quantity of: 




Black Peppercorns 

Ginger- ¼ tsp 

Milk- ½ cup 

Water- 1 cup 

Jaggery- ½ tsp 

Black tea leaves- 1 tsp 


1. Grind all the spices together in a blender to make a powder. 

2. Boil water, add the ground spices and let it simmer for a minute. 

3. Add tea leaves, close the lid and let it infuse for a minute. 

4. Now add milk and jaggery. Strain and serve.