Rhea Kapoor’s Food Memories From Goa Vacation Have Us Drooling
Image Credit: Instagram/Rhea Kapoor

To say that Goa is quite pleasant at this time of the year wouldn’t be wrong. Breezy beaches, incredibly delicious seasonal food and local dishes always attract the crowds to Goa around this time of the year. Joining in with this sentiment is Rhea Kapoor, who recently went on a vacation to the state with her sister Sonam Kapoor, husband Karan Boolani and the kids of the family. While the close-knit family enjoyed everything from time around the pool and soaking in the sun and breeze, a recent post by Rhea Kapoor shows off all the food she indulged in while there. 

In a series of pictures Rhea Kapoor posted on Instagram, all the delicious dishes she indulged in during her Goa trip were shared. And yes, those posts do have us drooling! In her post, Rhea Kapoor mentions how she is missing the “barbecues, and perfect breakfast tacos” she relished with her family while there. Sure enough, the first picture shows off a delicious burger loaded with a perfectly barbecued burger patty. On top is some droolworthy tandoori mayo, ketchup, cheese and mustard sauce, making the burger a complete snack. 

Video Credit: YouTube/Ashish Vidyarthi Actor Vlogs

In another picture, one can clearly see two scrumptious breakfast tacos. The plate of food consisted of two fried tortillas loaded with barbecued meat toppings along with a variety of others—chopped onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado salsa, sour cream and even some grilled fruits. The tacos looked so rustic and delicious that no wonder Rhea Kapoor is missing them now! But that’s not all. In another post, Rhea Kapoor also gave us a glimpse of all the Goan specials she enjoyed while on vacation. 

A Goan thali is never to be missed while in the state, and Rhea Kapoor certainly enjoyed one such incredible thali. On her Goan plate was delicious prawn curry, the staple fish curry, green and vibrant Bhindi Ki Sabji and rice. With the colourful curries mixed in with the rice, the plate looked simple and yet glorious. If you are visiting Goa any time soon, do indulge in an authentic Goan thali like Rhea Kapoor did.  

In one of the videos posted by Rhea Kapoor, one can also see another unique Goan approach to cooking. The video shows a saree-clad woman grilling freshly caught fish on an open fire. By placing fresh fish, especially what looks like pomfret, the woman cooked up fish that is bound to have delicious smoky and charred flavours, which every fish lover is bound to fall in love with. Another delicacy to try while in Goa? Absolutely.