Rhea Kapoor Relishes Asian Food At London’s Koyn Restaurant

Rhea Kapoor – who is known to cook as well as enjoy dining at some of the best restaurants around the world, has had many memorable meals in the city of London. While Rhea was most recently there on the occasion of the Anant-Radikha pre-wedding celebrations, she decided to extend her visit and enjoy some quality time. Paying a visit to her best friend and hotelier, Samyukta Nair’s newest Asian food restaurant – Koyn – Rhea shared a sneak peek of her extensive spread on social media.

Located in the posh Mayfair area of London, the producer and fashion stylist shared pictures of her almost-gone meal which included a creamy crab curry, stir fried meat with onions and red chillies, a dish of green beans tossed with garlic and what appeared to be a flaky flatbread paired with a yellow curry. Captioning her photos as ‘much needed spice (using chilli emojis) in London,’ Rhea showed support for her friend’s business venture – which opened its doors to diners yesterday.

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Given that London has remained one of her favourite food cities for many years, Rhea’s food adventures have included a good combination of fine dine as well as comfort meals. From seafood to freshly baked Viennoserie, to pastas and some decadent desserts, fresh cheeses and steak – the producer has left no stone unturned in indulging her culinary interests. In addition to this, Rhea also experiments with cuisines like French and Chinese by trying dishes that one would otherwise not find within India. Tell us what your favourite food city is and what to eat there.