Rhea Kapoor Reveals Her Perfect Breakfast Taco; Know More
Image Credit: Instagram: @rheakapoor

Rhea Kapoor, the Indian film producer, is a well-renowned foodie. If someone knows how to perfectly capture the essence of freshly served food on a plate, it would have to be Rhea Kapoor. Just like her sister, Sonam Kapoor, the producer loves to indulge in new and different cuisines from every place that she travels to. Be it while shooting a movie in new locations or simply vacationing, her fans adore the sneak peeks of the food she shares.

Just recently, Rhea Kapoor shared a picture captioned, “The perfect breakfast taco” on her Instagram handle. Tacos, the traditional Mexican dish, has truly made its way to India and has left a long-lasting impression in people’s hearts. The versatility of tacos makes it a blank canvas that can be filled with healthy vegetables, meat options, cheese, eggs, and the list can go on and on.

In Rhea Kapoor’s recent Instagram story, she not only posted her perfect breakfast taco but also revealed the contents that made her like the taco so much. Starting with a sumptuous filling of fluffy eggs, Rhea Kapoor made sure to add protein to her breakfast. With other lip-smacking fillings like cheddar cheese and carnitas, the 37-year-old director proved to know her way around food.

Finally, Rhea Kapoor’s breakfast taco was flavoured with jalapeno crema chipotle mayo. After adding the choicest ingredients, the Indian director added cherry to the cake with homemade tortillas. It’s worth taking note that Rhea Kapoor’s breakfast taco was not just perfect; as she states, it is also balanced, ensuring the body gets all the nutrients early in the morning. Why don’t you try out making a super healthy taco for yourself as well?