Rhea Kapoor Cooks Up Asian Style House Special Garlic Noodles

Following her stint of making some delicious and drool-worthy gourmet meals during the pandemic, Rhea Kapoor added to her repertoire of being a kitchen whiz with her latest creation – house special garlic noodles. The producer shared a photograph of a bowl of noodles that were tossed with some garlic, spring onions and a chilli sauce, on her social media, showing off her latest creation to her followers.

Known to have a penchant for putting together some delicious meals in the past, where some of her creations included fried chicken, pasta with bocconcini, spicy lobster with garlic noodles, a Mexican feast of tacos-guacamole-chips-enchiladas and fried chicken burgers; Rhea added another feather to her chef’s hat with her newest kitchen creation. The food enthusiast has been candid about how she enjoys cooking for her near and dear ones, hosting them for some pretty impressively set up dinner tables groaning under the weight of her decadent dishes.

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On most days, Rhea has been known to follow a keto diet that helped her shed the extra kilos – where a significant part of her everyday meals included plenty of vegetables, dairy, nuts and seeds, as well as a small amount of proteins. The business mogul, who recently returned from a Goan holiday that included classic, home-cooked meals of prawn curry-rice, fish cooked over an open fire as well as a giant platter loaded with Diwali snacks. This was also followed by a festive dinner that Sonam Kapoor oragnised for the family, a little after Diwali where the Kapoor kids and relatives were in full attendance.