Restaurants In Delhi Serving Mouth-Watering Galouti Kebabs
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During the 13th century, kebabs were a common delicacy in both royal and commoner’s households, where they were eaten for breakfast with naan, a practice that continues today. However, until the 16th century, kebabs had a chewy, hard texture, which soon changed with the arrival of Nawab Asa-ud-Daula. 

The wealthy Nawab was so fond of kebabs that he gave his cooks specific orders to come up with a new kebab variation every day. His khansamas were busy developing improved varieties of kebabs that were extraordinarily soft and flavourful even during the Great Famine of 1783. The kebabs were even offered to his courtiers and the labourers who assisted him in the construction of his famed architectural marvels, such as Bada Imambara. The kebabs supposedly contained one unique ingredient or spice each day to add variety, which the Nawab was curious about. Legend has it that the Nawab had lost most of his dentures owing to old age, but his love of kebabs had not died. So, for their toothless Nawab, the seasoned khansamas created a popular variation that required no chewing but tasted exactly like a kebab. Galaouti Kebabs were created during this period of culinary innovation. 

Galouti means ‘soft’, as in something that melts in your mouth, which was the purpose. Haji Mohammad Fakr-e-Alam Saheb, the originator of the Moti Pulao, is said to have prepared the first Galaouti Kebab and presented it to the court as a creamy, silky, mouth-watering delicacy. Instead of beef, he used the finest cuts of lamb, which were finely minced and seasoned with a tenderizer and a magnificent blend of over 150 exotic spices. For a delightful finish, the minced meat was formed into patties and fried in butter.

Talking about kebabs, are you craving some melt-in-the-mouth Galouti kebabs?

Here is the list of restaurants that serve the best Galouti kebabs in Delhi.

Al Kauser

Al Kauser is a fine dining restaurant that serves the best of the North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. The restaurant is famous for its Kakori kebabs, which are made by blending 52 spices into an exotic delicacy. Their Galouti Kebab and Warqi Roti are delectable. The rotis are crisp yet soft and go perfectly with the melting kebabs.

Price for two: ₹600


This popular restaurant, which serves the greatest Galouti Kebabs in town, is almost always filled with foodies from all over Delhi NCR. They've become well-known for their chicken curries. Your loyalties will be shifted once you eat their Mutton Galouti Kebabs with Parantha. So, if you're ever near CP or Pandara Road, stop by Gulati's for a delectable platter of Kebabs.

Price for two: ₹1,200

Rajinder Da Dhabha

Only a few other restaurants enjoy the legendary fame and popularity that this one does when it comes to good, authentic, and hygienic North Indian cuisine. They also serve delectable Mughlai and Chinese cuisine, all at reasonable prices, with locations all around the city. They are well-known for their non-vegetarian food, but they have also moved into other cuisines and offer a variety of quick eats. Their galouti kebabs and rumali roti are worth trying.

Price for two: ₹800

The Great Kebab Factory

A high-end kebab restaurant in the capital. The Great Kebab Factory's tandoor and kebab preparations are well-known. The restaurant serves Mutton Galouti Kebab and is known for its magnificent buffet dish. Their kebab set menu is excellent and represents the best of Indian Awadhi cuisine. One of their famous kababs is the Galouti Kebab, which is created using a closely guarded family recipe passed down through the generations. The Kebabs are aromatic, and the flavours of rich Indian spices are discernible.

Price for two: ₹3,000

Kebab Gali

Kebab Gali is one of the most well-known kebab places in South Delhi. This little establishment serves up some of the best and most delectable Kebabs around. Their Galouti Kebabs are juicy, soft, and flavorful. Galouti Kebabs are available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Galouti Kebabs are served with Warqi Paratha, Chutney, and Salad on a dish.

Price for two: 700