Restaurant-Style French Fries At Home? Use These Simple Steps
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The secret to making the best French fries, like any other delicious dish, often lies in a primary slow-cooking process that cooks the potatoes all the way through. A French fry is probably the only thing that you just can’t eat one of and call a day; it is a sentiment that is associated with some of the most fun times in a person’s life. Some of the tricks to getting homemade French fries as close to the versions available in restaurants, lie in the simplest of factors – good quality potatoes, a proper vessel for deep-frying and the right techniques to regulate temperatures.

Whether you enjoy eating a portion of fries on your own or share it with a group of people, it isn’t as time-consuming or labour-intensive as most people label deep-frying to be. Most of the preparation to make crispy on the outside and fluffy inside fries can be done beforehand so all that’s left to do is to crisp them up just before they’re ready to eat. Read on to find out more about a step-by-step lodown of making the most perfect fries at home.

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Cutting & Soaking

Washing and scrubbing the layer of dirt on the outer surface of the potato is as important as frying the potatoes itself. If you choose to skip the peeling and get straight down to cutting the potatoes into fries, it is best to work with clean potatoes that have also been wiped dry. Cutting the potato into half inch sticks are probably the best girth on a French fry followed by soaking the potatoes in ice-cold water for a minimum of 20 minutes to an hour.

Draining & Frying

As necessary as it is to soak the potatoes, it is also important to expel the excessive starch on the potatoes before they’re fried; the more the ratio of starch in a potato, the soggier the fries will be. Hence, it is best to use new potatoes for French fries instead of hard, starchy ones. Once drained, ensure that the potatoes have been patted dry thoroughly to avoid any kitchen accidents when the fries are dropped in the oil. The ideal temperature for an initial frying is around 160 degrees Celsius where the potatoes cook on a low temperature in order to cook through completely. At this point they will only get a light golden-brown colour on the outside. Once they have been retrieved from the oil, the fries can be frozen once cooled and used again if not being eaten shortly after.

Final Serving

Once the potatoes have been removed from the oil, it is best to set them on a wire rack to let the excess fat drain as well as air-dry a little bit. Bringing the temperature of the oil up to 175-180 degrees will allow the fries to develop a delicious brown colour on the outside as well as a crispy exterior. Salting the fries right before they’re served is the most ideal way to season your French fries. Pile them high on a plate, serve with chicken steak or drizzle a healthy dose of cheese sauce and dig in!