Repurpose Leftover Naan With These 7 Delicious Recipes
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Naan is one of the most widely loved breads in India. Mainly paired with North Indian curries, these fluffy flatbreads are a perfect canvas whose sole purpose is to bring life to the platter. Apart from just being a vessel to hold curries, naan bread can also be used as a counterpart for many snack and breakfast recipes for any time indulgence.

Do you need bread for pizza? Naan is there to fulfil the job! Are you craving some Mediterranean pita pockets? Easily whip it up at home with the leftover naan bread! With hundreds of options, naan can always be your ally when you need a delicious restaurant-style snack at home.

Check out these seven amazing ideas you can try with naan to satisfy your cravings whenever you want!

1) Naan Veggie Pockets

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Use naan as pita pockets to fill in any desired vegetables, salad, falafel, pakoras, curries, or even chicken. You can get creative with this. If you have leftover gravies in the fridge, use them. Or make a quick salsa with all the tanginess included to make a breakfast salsa bread.

2) Naan Frankie

Street-style frankies can be made at home with leftover naans. Thin naans are wonderful when used as a wrap for Frankie. Classic Frankie filling contains aloo tikki, mint chutney, chopped onions and carrots. Feel free to include your favourite vegetables, and chicken if you like it meaty. Also, include spices to bring more flavour to it.

3) Naan Tacos

This might be the best recipe to try with those fluffy naans. So many taco recipes like corn taco, Mexican beans taco, aloo tikki taco, salad taco, etc. taste delicious with the slight savoury mass of naan and the fluffy texture. If you like crispy taco wrap, just fry it on a griddle or bake it until it gets that crust.

4) Naan Pizza

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Once you try your pizza with naan bread, there’s no going back! Naan bread gives the pizza a similar feel to a sourdough crust, and when baked with the toppings, the crust becomes even more indulgent. Use leftover naans or fresh naans, and this pizza will hit the spot no matter what way you choose to prepare it.

5) Sweet Naan Crepes

Who said naan is only limited to savoury treats? For the cravings for something sweet, you can easily make these naan crepes by spreading nutella on the bread and topping it with your favourite fruits and nuts. Also, you can make it all chocolatey and add bits of dark chocolate to it to get that crunch.

6) Naan Chips

Move over tortilla chips and try these delicious naan chips with the amusing taste of India. All you have to do is cut the naan bread to your desired shapes and sizes, coat it with oil and some spices, and bake it until it gets a delightful crisp. You can also go with air frying or deep frying methods to turn your leftover naan into chips.

7) Naan Panini

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Believe it or not, panini made with naan bread is actually way too flavourful compared to cafe-style sourdough panini. The way savoury bread melds with the sauce, veggies and proteins is unmatched by anything else. You can add tikka paneer gravy, chicken gravy, salad, tofu, or any of your favourite fillings to make the panini your way.