Republic Day 2024: 5 Tricolour Inspired Breakfast Recipes

As Republic Day approaches this year, imbuing a patriotic mood can be extended to the realm of food, where playing around with a bunch of colourful ingredients can be plenty of fun and a way of expressing creativity. Adding a few small touches to everyday food not only makes it fun to enjoy visually, but also to eat – thus creating an increased interest for yourself and the family to be more involved with meals. Kick off your most important meal of the day leading up the 26th of January with these tricolour recipes that are easy and delicious.

Tricolour Smoothie Bowl

Make the most of the winter season to harness the goodness of seasonal citrus fruits, matcha and coconut for this wholesome smoothie bowl. Use frozen orange segments and blend with Greek yoghurt for a creamy, popsicle-like texture; similarly, whisk matcha powder into coconut cream for a deliciously tropical and exotic touch. Garnish with granola, berries, sliced fruit and desiccated coconut for added flavour.

Tricolour Idlis

Whether you plan on using the classic fermented idli batter or a millet idli mix, adding some spinach and carrot puree to the batter can add colour and flavour to your rice cakes. Enjoy these colourful idlis with some sambar and chutney on the side, for a hearty meal that is nutritionally boosted as a result of the vegetables. Play around with textures if necessary and add tiny florets of broccoli and grated carrot to innovate.

Tricolour Sandwich

Add edible food colouring to a herb-loaded cream-cheese spread and apply on slices of bread before layering. Turn this kid-friendly recipe into something more suited to grown-ups with the addition of guacamole, red pepper hummus and labneh for a more complex flavour combination. Cut the crusts off of these old-school sandwiches and pack them for lunch as well, during a hectic week.

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Tricolour Dhokla

Similar to the idli, mix veggie purees into dhokla batter before steaming; alternately, you could also make some chilli-garlic chutney and spicy green chutney to layer in-between for a deeper colour and better taste. Enjoy this dhokla even as a tea time snack or with a sprinkle of sev and pomegranate, for crunch and colour. Cut the dhokla into fun shapes for children, using a cookie cutter or even plate it creatively for added effect.

Tricolour Breakfast Wrap

Combine deliciously cheesy pesto scrambled eggs with harissa sour cream inside a toasty tortilla wrap for the best kind of breakfast experience. For vegetarians, swap the eggs with a spinach chilla and a sprinkling of cheese for every morsel to be bursting with flavour. Use up leftover chapati dough to make paratha wraps and creatively use up any scraps of veggies and condiments.