Republic Day 2023: Celebrate With A Yummy Tiranga Cheesecake

Just two more days left until the great festival of patriotism. The vibe of Republic Day is already present in the air and people are fully prepared to celebrate the day. From hosting flag in the morning to enjoying sweets, this national event brings out a beautiful feeling of being an Indian. On this day people, especially, children share their happiness by wearing tricolour-themed attires along with a miniature flag in their hands.

Not only this, Republic Day is also celebrated with a variety of sweets and tricolour food. These dishes not only represent the Indian flag but is also a way to pay homage to our freedom fighters. Many people also share the recipe of tricolour food on their social media accounts which showcase their cooking skills and creativity.

If you also want to celebrate this Republic Day with some tricolour dish, here is an easy recipe to make tiranga cheesecake by The Chatter House:


  • 250 gm mascarpone cheese
  • 120 gm milk
  • 80 gm sugar
  • 80 gm cream cheese  
  • 150 gm whipped cream  


  • Add melted butter to the crushed biscuits and pack it tightly for the base. Freeze for 10–20 minutes as you prepare the filling.
  •  Using a hand mixer or a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment to whip the cream.  
  • Beat the mascarpone cheese, milk & sugar until perfectly smooth and creamy.  
  • Combine slowly as you don’t want to deflate all the air in the whipped cream.
  • Divide the mixture into 3 parts and add the food colours, orange and green.  
  • Top the mixture in the Butter & Biscuit base according to the colour.

Make this tricolour cheesecake at home and enjoy. Happy Republic Day in advance!