Republic Day is right around the corner and the country is all set to celebrate it in full swing, albeit with Coronavirus protocols in place. Every year around this time, markets, streets, malls and different institutions gear up to mark the occasion in their own specific ways. Be it painting the tri colour, organising cultural functions with patriotic performance, and decorating with tri colour balloons, Republic Day celebrations are as exciting as you can imagine it to be. The patriot in all of us swell with pride as we see the flag swaying high and proud. And much like any other celebration in the country, the day isn’t complete without some good food. While you can always relish some of India’s best traditional foods, a lot of people make special tri colour recipes too to mark the day and showcase their love for the country through food. And some like to go beyond just that. For instance, a Nagpur eatery tried to make the biggest tri colour idli. Yes, you read that right.  

Food blogger Kartik Ramchandani shared a video on his Instagram handle 'nagpurchakartik' that has received mixed reactions from netizens. In the video a street vendor can be seen creating the biggest tri coloured idli weighing 2.1 kg with 1 meter diameter. Take a look:

 In the video, the vendor uses different coloured-batters for the idli, pours it over a plate and steam it in a  makeshift steamer. It comes out beautifully in tri colour, which he even measures to confirm the diameter of 1 meter. The idli costs INR 600 but for people in defense it is for INR 300, and is only available on 26th January, 15 August and 14th of February, the caption on the post read.  

While it may look innovative, many people didn’t appreciate it as they believed that the tri coloured idli features the colours of the flag and shouldn't be cut or eaten. One of the top comments left on the video read, "Guys we should stop sharing this it's our National Flag not anyone's eating item. We should not promote this type of nonsense." Another viewer wrote, "No offense but I think it's better to avoid Flag pattern because we are cutting it." Some users even suggested removing the video from internet as the comment read "This is disrespecting our tricolour. One cannot serve it in form of a dish. Pls remove this from your page.. the person who made this dish can face serious action by authorities.” 

While a majority of the audience disapproved, there were some who also celebrated the idea and praised the creation by leaving comments like "Delicious", "Wow amazing" and "Keep going". 

What are your thoughts about the tri coloured idli? Let us know. And if you are still wondering what all you can cook at home to celebrate Republic Day this year, we’ve got some ideas here.