Relish The Most Popular Indian Monsoon Foods
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Every Indian understands that the monsoon season is the greatest time to eat delicious Indian cuisine. Prepare to be treated to exceptional monsoon cuisine in various locations of India if you consider yourself a foodie. Indians love to eat and have a sweet craving for savoury snacks, which makes the monsoon season even more enjoyable. The monsoon culinary culture in India is extensive and diverse. Indian monsoon cuisine can be found in diverse flavours in each state and city. But for foodies, exploring India during the monsoon is a culinary adventure thanks to sips of hot tea and bits of munchies. The South enjoys parippu vadas, while the North enjoys the traditional yaje beverage. Here are some tales about some well-known monsoon foods while you choose what you want to drink to celebrate the season. 

Parippu Vada 

It is impossible to forget the relationship between the rains and fried foods. They compliment each other unlike nobody else. Therefore, when the Southern states begin to serve their parippu vadas, we cannot help but savour these delectable treats. Since they are made of lentils, they are healthy, which makes up for the fact that they are fried. Chana (chickpeas) and toor daal (split pigeon peas) are combined in the vessel along with onions, ginger, and other spices to create lovely golden brown fried fritters.

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Although this dish requires a lot of work to prepare, many people adore the finished product. Paa saa preparation is more of a group endeavour because everyone pitches in to help catch the fish and then mince it so that no part is wasted. For some people, it's the flavour that does the trick, while for others, it's the dish's vibrant green hue thanks to the uriam leaf. However, the leaf also serves a crucial purpose in that it masks the flavour of the raw fish. Green onions, coriander, ginger, garlic, chilli, and white basil are additional components. 

Nakham Bitchi  

One of the many distinctive aspects of north-eastern culture is the dish. Major food websites recommend that anybody visiting Meghalaya eat this dish. With its selection of ingredients, it embodies a special mix of tanginess and spiciness. The dish is made of dried fish that has been cooked with spices to give it a lovely texture. After that, vegetables are added to this mixture to make it more healthful. The soothing bowl of soup is supposed to be best consumed following a hearty hot dinner because it functions as a palate cleanser.