Innovative Khichdi Recipes You Must Try This Monsoon
Image Credit: Khichdi (Pixabay)

Khichdi is one of the most humble yet versatile dishes you can experiment with. This comfort food requires staple items available in your kitchen. A bowl of khichdi comes to your rescue in almost all situations whether you have just recovered from a spine-chilling fever, feeling frozen due to cold, or just had a tiring day. This is the most homelicious dish you can make to take good care of your tummy. Most people think khichdi is plain and boring. Well, that’s true most of the time but not when we are cooking in the kitchen. You can make the most scrumptious khichdi by just tweaking your recipe a bit. Yes, for now, let’s wave goodbye to that basic moong dal khichdi and brace yourself for knowing how to make khichdi with a twist.

Parsi-Style Khichdi

Do you like aloo jeera? If the crunchy and flavourful taste of cumin seeds is what you adore, Parsi-style khichdi may become your go-to healthy dish. It is also popularly known as Vaghareli khichdi. To make this delicious rice dish, you need a mix of certain spices, masoor dal, and of course rice. 

Chicken Quinoa Khichdi

Yes, chicken can be a part of your mouth-watering khichdi. In addition, rice can be replaced by quinoa to make your khichdi even healthier. Other than that, you need your regular vegetables, pulses, and spice mix. Chicken quinoa khichdi can be served with papad and achaar.

Duck Egg Khichdi

Want to experiment more? Try duck egg khichdi this monsoon. All you need is rice, dal, and duck eggs along with usually used spices. Do not forget to add tadka of ghee, green chillies, and onions.

Oats Khichdi

What can be healthier than oats especially for those trying to lose weight? Add an extra dose of fibre to your khichdi by adding oats instead of rice. 

Dal Khichdi Risotto

This is the Italian version of khichdi. So, you need some Italian touch to it of course. To make dal khichdi risotto, you require rice, dal, cream cheese, cheese, and Italian seasonings. 

Black Rice Khichdi

Black rice khichdi is the healthiest breakfast you can have. It is packed with strong antioxidants and anti-cancerous properties. Moreover, black rice khichdi can help in weight loss and is gluten-free. You need Manipuri black rice, desi ghee, gondhoraj lime leaf, spices, and panch phoron to make this unique khichdi. Adding chicken stock is optional. 

Relish these healthiest versions of khichdi and thank us later!