Colours, thandai and music are the essence of Holi and no Covid-19 lockdown or curfew could dim the buzz around delicious food that is part of celebration and happy times with our loved ones. As this joyous occasion marks the beginning of Spring and symbolises the triumph of good over evil, it is a beacon of hope, love and merriment and so, we are adding all the missing colours to our Covid-19 lockdown Holi with these mouthwatering recipes of strawberry ghevar with coconut rabri and mango passion Chandrakala.

Strawberry Ghevar with coconut rabri

Ghevar ingredients:

360gm Flour

240 gm Ghee

4 Ice cubes

500 ml Water

500 ml Milk

Ghee (for deep frying)


Blend all ingredients together to make a smooth batter and deep fry in medium heat to get a nice golden colour.

Syrup ingredients:

500gm Sugar



Boil it to get a thick syrup.

Rabri ingredients:

1 litre milk

500 ml coconut puree

50 gm sugar


Reduce it in a slow flame to get a desire texture.

Strawberry Cream ingredients:

500gm Strawberry fresh

500gm strawberry puree

150 gm sugar

10gm pectine


Boil all ingredients in a pan with pectine and pour in desired silicone mould and freeze it for a day and de mould and use red glaze.

Mango Passion Chandrakala

Chandrakala dough ingredients:

500gm flour

125gm ghee

150gm water

Ghee to fry


Mix all ingredients together to make dough and rest for an hour.

Chandrakala stuffing ingredients:

200gm Mawa

100gm grated coconut

50gm chopped cashew nut

50gm chopped almond

50gm Raisin

20 gm ghee

2gm Cardamom powder


Mix all ingredients together to make dough and rest for an hour.

Syrup ingredients:

500gm Sugar

500ml Water


Boil it to get a thick syrup.

Strawberry Cream ingredients:

180gm passion puree

90 gm mango puree

120gm Egg yolk

150gm egg

135 gm sugar

3gm gelatin

135 gm Butter cube


Boil the puree then add the egg sugar mix and cook it at 85 degrees celsium in medium heat. Once it reaches the temperature remove from heat and add gelatin and butter and blend it.

Set in a mould for a day. De mould glaze and put on top of chandrakala. Enjoy!

(All recipes: Chef Nayindra B. Chetry, Executive Pastry Chef at Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitfield Hotel & Convention Center)

Have a memorable and safe celebration at home!