The ongoing quarantine period has been a bit of dietary challenge with hunger pangs striking at any time of the day which means eating more than our regular appetite or eating out of boredom in lockdown. Add to that, fluctuating temperaments too lead to food cravings which then pull us to eat whatever packaged junk is available at home or even cook unhealthy options.

Since foods that are high in salt and sugar will only increase our urge to eat more, it is very important to not only be mindful of what we eat but also be conscious of not overtaxing our digestive system. To douse those unhealthy cravings, check out this recipe of Wild Gooey which enhances the nutrition value of an old favourite by marrying daily nutrient requirements with food cravings and is sure to uplift one’s mood in a jiffy.

Ingredients for Hazelnut Brownie Mix:

Butter Unsalted 750 gm

Castor Sugar 900 gm

Milk maid 300 gm

Milk 300 gm

Refine Flour 375 gm

Cocoa Powder 110 gm

Bread Crumb 480 gm

Water 450 gm

Chocolate Chip 64% 225 gm

Hazelnut Paste 100 gm

Hazelnut Chop 150 gm

Ingredients for Chocolate Fudge Sauce:

Cream 35% 375 gm

Vanilla Bean 1 no.

Brown Sugar 175 gm

Dark Chocolate 64% 450 gm


Soak breadcrumbs in milk and water. Leave it for a while. Meanwhile cream the butter with sugar and hazelnut paste to make it light and fluffy.

Fold all the dry ingredients, soaked crumbs to the creamed mixer except hazelnut. Fill in the lined mold, sprinkle with chopped hazelnut and chocolate chip.

Bake it at 170°C for 20-25 minutes and cool it down, the same can cut as per desired portion and refrigerate. To make fudge sauce, boil cream with vanilla bean and brown sugar.

Pour the hot cream on chocolate. Stir well to create a smooth sauce. Reheat the brownie in a pre-hot (2-3 minutes) oven or microwave (30 seconds).

After heating it will form a gooey texture. Serve with hot chocolate sauce over it with clotted cream.

(Recipe: Himanshu Taneja, Culinary Director, Marriott International)