They say some of the most important conversations occur on the family’s dinner table and so, while the lockdown is still in place, we decided to make our fondest memories together by whipping up meals like paneer and spinach frankie that are sure to bring a smile when we look back on these days in the future hustle-bustle of chasing careers and skipping meals. If you are looking for a welcome change to your light meal dinner, search no further as we got you sorted this Tuesday night with an easy recipe of paneer and spinach frankie which will make your abs thank you.

We are no soothsayers but we believe that had Popeye been desi, he’d totally recommend this paneer and spinach frankie. Check out its recipe below with health benefits of the dish:

Ingredients for the paneer filling:

Paneer made from 1 litre milk (roughly 120 gms) (crumbled)

1 onion finely diced

1 tbsp ginger finely diced

1 tbsp garlic finely diced

1 tsp red chili powder

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp minced green chili

1 tsp chili sauce

1 tsp chaat masala

3 tbsp water

2 tsp oats flour or blended oats

1 tsp oil

Salt to taste


Sauté the onions in the oil until the onions are translucent and soft. Add in the ginger, garlic, green chili and spices. Add in the water and mix until well combined.

Mix in the paneer and stir till well combined. Use the oats flour and roll the paneer mixture into patties. Pan cook the patties until crisp on both sides

Ingredients for the rotis (makes 12 rotis):

2 cups whole wheat flour or 1 cup whole wheat flour and 1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup spinach, blanched

1 tsp minced green chillies

1 tsp minced ginger

1 tsp oil

Salt to taste

Water to knead


Blanch 1 cup spinach and let it cool. Blend it into a purée. Combine the whole wheat flour, spinach purée, green chillies, ginger, oil and water and knead into a soft dough.

Divide the dough into 10- 12 equal portions and roll each portion into a diameter circle using a little whole wheat flour for rolling and cook like a regular roti and set aside,

Method for assembling the Frankie:

On hot roti, add in the garlic chutney and add in the paneer patty. Sprinkle some frankie masala on top, sliced onions and some mint chutney. Cook until the roti is crisp and fold and roll.

Serve hot with chutney, vinegar and green chilies, pickled onions and tomatoes and garlic chutney

Ingredients for frankie masala:

2 tbsp red chili powder

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp dried mango powder

1 tsp black salt

1 tsp dried cumin powder

Salt to taste


Mix together all ingredients, adjust seasoning as per your palette. Enjoy!


Paneer is loaded with the goodness of healthy fats and milk proteins and helps builds a strong immune system which is on everyone’s top priority currently amid the Covid-19 pandemic, aids in the normal functioning of the digestive system and builds better bones and teeth courtesy its rich calcium content. It is not only an essential component in weight loss programs but is also an ideal food for diabetic patients and reduces the risk of cancer.

Unlike wheat flour, oat flour doesn't contain any gluten instead, has more protein and fiber than regular flour. Apart from being rich in antioxidants and being incredibly nutritious, oats can improve blood sugar control, can lower cholesterol levels and protects LDL Cholesterol from damage.

Its soluble fiber beta-glucan aids in digestion, keeps the stomach satiated, keeps hunger pangs at bay while keeping one full. Hence, it is a suitable flour for weight loss.

As for spinach, apart from being cheap and easy to prepare if not served raw, it is known to contain 28.1 milligrams of vitamin C in a 100-gram serving as per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Since it is high in fiber and water, it promotes a healthy digestive tract by preventing constipation.

The leaves of spinach are also rich in protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. The vitamin A in it moisturises the skin and hair while the vitamin C in it provides structure to skin and hair and the iron content keeps hair loss at bay.

It not only helps in managing diabetes and preventing cancer but also helps prevent asthma and lowers blood pressure.