As the temperatures rise and a wide variety of vibrant and fresh fruits flood the market, the best way to beat the summer heat is by preparing a flavoursome dessert of Mango Pudding. Whip up a healthy treat this summer, packed with a flavoursome and refreshing punch with this Mango Pudding that is a lovely light way to end a heavy meal.

If you ask us to picture summers, mango is the only constant that pops into our minds and as we mark the end of Spring and celebrate all things sunny, a refreshing glass of mango pudding is enough to lift our mood in a jiffy. Check out the exotic recipe of Mango pudding here:


2 mangoes cubed

160ml water ( x2)

140g mango purée (fresh or tinned is fine)

3.5 tsp gelatin approx

1 tin of Evaporated milk

Sugar 25g

Pomelo & mint leaves for garnish


Combine 160ml water with mango purée and add the gelatin and sugar and gently cook till gelatin dissolves. Add 3/4 tin of evaporated milk and 160ml water. Add 3/4 of the cubed mango. Pour into serving glasses/ramekins and chill for several hours.

To serve, pour some of the remaining evaporated milk on top and garnish with remaining mango cubes, pomelo and mint leaves. Enjoy!


High in antioxidants, mango is known as the king of fruits as it may boost Immunity, support eye health and heart health, improve hair and skin health along with digestive health. Being rich in vitamin C, mango consumption helps in healing by forming blood vessels and healthy collagen.

From nourishing the body to being salt-free and lacking cholesterol, mangoes can be consumed at anytime of the day or night to benefit from the same essential nutrients. Mangoes improve sleep hence, can be eaten even late night as a snack.