Ankita Konwar and her husband, Milind Soman, are the internet’s favourite fitness enthusiasts. The couple is an avid advocate of healthy living and working out regularly. They even urge their followers to follow a clean diet to stay fit by posting videos and pictures of their daily activities. Ankita’s latest Instagram post is doing the same. The 29-year-old took to the photo-sharing app on the weekend to share her khichdi recipe made with leftover vegetables. And you would want to include this dish in your diet.

When one thinks about khichdi, the first thing that comes to mind is - food for sick people. Right? While the typical khichdi recipe is unseasoned and bland, the masala version of this simple dish can be extremely delicious. It packs in the goodness of vegetables - as many as one wants to include - and is also a superfood.

On Saturday, Ankita posted a video in which she shared how she makes khichdi at home with leftover vegetables. She called khichdi the easiest, healthiest, most balanced meal ever, and we agree. She added if one does not like cooking, her recipe might be a great help for them.

Sharing the video, Ankita wrote, “If cooking isn’t your game, this might really help you. Khichadi is the easiest, healthiest, most balanced meal of them all! Also, if you have leftover veggies, this is the best way to go about it! Have fun y’all.”


To make Ankita Konwar’s khichdi, start by roughly chopping up the vegetables you want to include in your dish. Then take a small bowl of dal and rice, and wash it thoroughly. Now, in a pressure cooker, heat oil. To it, add mustard seeds and asafoetida. After a few seconds, add chopped garlic, chillies, sliced onions, haldi and chilli powder. Cook the ingredients and then add chopped tomatoes and salt to taste. Add the dal and rice to the utensil, followed by all the chopped vegetables. Stir all the ingredients together. In the end, add some cashews and jaggery powder. Add water to cook the khichdi and close the lid of the pressure cooker. After a few whistles, you are done. Open the lid, mix the khichdi once again and serve!