Reasons Why Lentils Are Good For Your Health

Our mothers often ask us to have lentils every day and many of us just don’t listen to them. But why do they force us? Because these little things are so good and have ample health benefits. Someone has rightly said that mothers are always right!! Let us know about the benefits of lentils and why we should include them in our everyday routine.

Lentils are edible seeds of the legume family and they are in a variety of types, sizes, colours and textures. Lentils are easy to make and are actually a good value for money because of their innumerable health benefits. They are a high source of proteins, fibre and minerals, making them highly beneficial for the body. Let us look in detail at the health benefits of lentils.

Aids proper digestion

Because of being rich in prebiotic fibre, lentils helps in smooth digestion and also fuel the gut bacteria which are good for health. Moreover, their richness in fibre has several health benefits. One of them is reducing the risk of colorectal cancer. You better start having them daily!

Must have during pregnancy 

Pregnant women are always asked to have a healthy diet and lentils are always recommended. Lentils are considered highly beneficial for expecting mothers as they are rich in protein. Even after childbirth, lentils help in proper milk formation in the body and lead to healthy brain formation of the child. 

Manages blood sugar level

Lentils have a low glycaemic index which reduces the rate at which energy releases into the bloodstream. This helps in improving blood sugar management and thus is beneficial for the body. This fibre content also helps in appetite control and helps in keeping the stomach full.

Helps in reducing the risk of chronic diseases

Some medical studies suggest that eating lentils regularly can actually help in reducing chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and even heart diseases. Since lentils are rich in plant compounds and phenols, they are very good for health. Lentils are packed with antioxidants, have antibacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory properties and thus, are a boon for the human body. 

Keeps the heart healthy 

Apart from having a high content of fibre, lentils are also rich in potassium and folate, making them highly beneficial for the heart and managing cholesterol as well as blood pressure. These are also a good source of energizing iron and vitamin B1 that promotes a steady heartbeat in the body.

Source of plant protein 

Now here comes the most beneficial point. Lentils are a great alternative to meat or fish because of being rich in protein. Great isn't it?

Some people might be wondering whether lentils are safe for everyone or not. Let us clear this out for you. Lentils, for a majority of people, are beneficial. However, like other legumes, they also have natural compounds known as anti-nutrients like phytic acid which binds with iron, zinc and other nutrients making them harder for the human body to absorb. Though, the anti-nutrients in lentils are even lesser as compared to that in corn, soya beans and wheat. One can always reduce these anti-nutrients by soaking and cooking the lentils. Besides, those who have been reported with allergies to lentils must avoid it anyway.