Rava To Semiya: 6 Upma Dishes You Can Try For Breakfast
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When it comes to breakfast options in India, we have a variety of options. From the carb heavy paratha to protein rich chana chaat to simple idli – we have breakfast varieties for people with every taste and preference. And there is a big range of options even for one dish. For example, if you like dosa, you can have – masala, rava, paper, onion or kheema dosa!

Similarly, upma is a classic and beloved breakfast choice. This humble South Indian dish is not only quick and easy to prepare but also highly versatile. Whether you're a fan of traditional flavours or you are actually looking to do something hatke with exciting variations, Upma has you covered. Let us look at six types of upma dishes that will surely make your breakfast a memorable one.

Rava Upma:

Recipe - Papa Mummy Kitchen - Specials

The quintessential Rava Upma is a staple in many South Indian households as well as across the country. It's made using semolina or rava or sooji, seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chana dal. The addition of vegetables like carrots, peas, and green beans elevates the nutrition factor by adding fibre and vitamins to your breakfast bowl. Garnish it with freshly grated coconut and a splash of fresh lemon juice for that extra flavour. You can serve it with an onion-garlic tomato chutney or a simple coconut chutney as well.

Tomato Upma:

If you want a traditional upma dish with exciting flavours, this variant of Upma is all about adding a tangy twist to the classic recipe. Start by making a basic rava upma, but the key is to include a lot of tomatoes. The juicy tomatoes, added along with the rest of the veggies like peas and carrot, not only enhance the taste but also provide a nice dose of vitamins. If you enjoy your breakfast spicy, a pinch of red chilli powder can be added alongside green chillies.

Vegetable Semiya Upma:

Recipe - Sonal Ki Rasoi

Semiya or vermicelli upma is a delicious change from the usual sooji upma. It's prepared by roasting vermicelli, usually in a little ghee, until it turns golden brown and then sautéing it with vegetables, curry leaves, and spices. For spices, do not go overboard and just a little turmeric, cumin and red chilli powder. You can also add potato cubes for a filling upma dish.

Oats Upma:

You can completely switch up the dish by replacing sooji with oats. With hints of protein in your diet, oats upma can turn out to be your quick, go to breakfast option. Roast the oats a bit and then cook it with veggies of your choice. The tadka will remain the same – mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies, along with chana dal if you like a little crunch. Serve this with a dahi based mint chutney.

Millet Upma: 

For those looking for a healthier alternative, millet upma is an excellent choice. This is the year of millets and we sure can add them to our meals. Replace semolina with nutritious millets like foxtail, little, or pearl millet. The preparation is similar to rava upma, with the added benefit of millets' nutty flavours. Millet upma is also an ideal breakfast option for those following a gluten-free diet. 


While this combination might sound a little unusual, it is very popular in Odisha, especially in the Berhampur area. The sooji upma here is made in a pudding like consistency and served along with deep-fried puris, sambar, ghughni and chutney. It is a breakfast staple in the region with people lining up in the morning to buy it from the stalls and certainly worth a try for every foodie.