Rasiyaw: This Sweet Treat Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate
Image Credit: Image: Facebook- Madhumita Bishnu

We are still reeling from the Diwali fever but the festive season is still on, especially in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Chhath Puja, one of the most important Hindu Vedic festivals is celebrated in these regions with much fervour. Chhath Puja is set to be celebrated on November 10 this year and many people around the country are gearing up for the festivities. And of course, like every other festival, Chhath Puja too include some delicious food too. They are incomplete without the essential bhog dishes including Thekua, Kasaar, Laal Saag, and so much more. But there’s another dish without which, no Indian traditional fare is complete- the sweet and soothing kheer. For Chhath Puja, a thick and creamy one made with jaggery called Rasiyaw is prepared in many Hindu households. It is prepared a day before the Puja.

Rasiyaw is a sweet treat that is made for people observing fast, who break their fast with this sweet delight. While this sweet bowl of pudding is usually paired with deep-fried pooris, one can consume it as it is. Gur ki kheer or Rasiyaw is specially made for Chhath but doesn’t mean one cannot prepare it for other festivals or special occasions. From Sharad Navratri, Govardhan Puja to even Diwali, this wholesome kheer is perfect for all. Jaggery or gur is a staple in winter season and as Chhath falls during the change of weather, amid the nip in the air, this kheer is said to gear up the body for the change. One of the most unique part about the kheer lies in its different colour. Where the usual rice kheer may be white in colour, Rasiyaw boasts of a beautiful hue of brown once. When garnished with nuts and dry fruits, it is quite a sight to behold before you relish it. It goes well with your meal of usual pooris and kaddu ki sabzi, one of the traditional meals of Chhath Puja bhog.

Now if you are planning to try Rasiyaw at home, we’ve got the perfect recipe right here.  

How To Make Rasiyaw For Chhath Puja 


1 cup Rice

1 litre full cream milk

1/2 cup chopped dry fruits and nuts

Jaggery, ½ tsp

1/2 tsp Ghee


1. Wash the rice, mix with ghee and keep aside.

2. Boil milk on medium flame and reduce it to half.

3. Saute dry fruits in ghee and keep aside.  

4. Mix rice to the milk and let it simmer. Keep stirring to avoid burning.  

5. When the rice gets boiled, add dry fruits to it.

6. Switch off the heat and add jaggery to it.  

7. Always add jaggery after the pan is off the heat to avoid curdling.  

Happy Chhath Puja 2021!