Rashmika Mandanna’s Cheat Day French Toast Indulgence

It is no secret that Rashmika Mandanna loves her desserts and as a recent testament to this, the actress shared a picture on Instagram where she was seen posing with a plate of French toast. The delicious-looking plate had two thick cut slices of French toast, caramelised banana, kiwi, caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream – the no-brainer formula for the ultimate sugar rush! She captioned the post, “You know, on my cheat days I always have to order desserts first before actually my main meal ok.. and a lot of my friends find this super weird..so I just wanted to understand..if this is just me or any one of you also do this.”

The actress who appeared to be relaxed in a pair of pyjamas, T-shirt and glasses held a cheeky expression for the camera, as she posed with her plate. Rashmika, who is a self-confessed foodie, has previously admitted that she is ‘happiest when she gets her food’, and is normally particular about what she eats as part of her fitness regime. She has also professed her love for interesting but odd combinations like curd rice and Lays chips in the past.

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However, what trumps her love for healthy food is her unabashed love for all things sweet as well as Coorgi food from her hometown. Although she has a diverse palette, Rashmika has previously stumped netizens by admitting that eating biryani with rasam is something she enjoys a lot. Tell us what your favourite odd combination foods are in the comments below and where to find the best desserts in your city!