Rasam Lovers, Heard Of These Rasam Varieties?

If you have ever had a South Indian feast, you must have witnessed an array of dishes laid on a banana leaf. There are so many vegetable dishes on the platter and one of the most popular and loved delicacies is rasam.  

Rasam is a tangy South Indian soup. It is known by the same name in Tamil and Malayalam while by the name ‘chaaru’ in Telugu and ‘saaru’ in Kannada. This amazing soup-like dish is said to have originated in the 16th century in Madurai. Though many ingredients may vary, some ingredients like tomato, tamarind, black pepper, garlic, mustard seeds, garlic, and asafoetida remain the same. Some also add lentils which gives it an appearance somewhat like sambar.  

People don’t stick to a single recipe of a single dish and we all know this. Rasam is one of the dishes that has evolved into so many types. So, let us go through some rasam varieties that everyone especially rasam lovers should know about. Have a look. 

Pineapple Rasam 

Pineapple is a versatile fruit and we cannot disagree on this. Apart from being used in salads, drinks, and even raita, pineapple rasam is also quite famous. One has to cut small pieces of pineapple and put them into the rasam. One can also add pineapple paste to the rasam.

Garlic Rasam 

This rasam is one of the tastiest rasams you would ever try. It rather gives a Chinese touch to this South Indian dish and is loved a lot. One can add chopped garlic slices or even garlic paste at the time of cooking rasam.  

Drumstick Rasam 

This rasam tastes more like a sambar which also has drumsticks as an essential ingredient. It is just that rasam is not thick as sambar is. This rasam is absolutely delicious and lip-smacking. 

Gooseberry Rasam 

Though all rasams are healthy, this rasam is the healthiest. As it has gooseberry, it is loaded with vitamin C and also boosts immunity. It is a healthier and tastier option and everyone must try this at least once.  

Neem Rasam 

Another healthier rasam version is neem rasam. No this isn’t bitter but yummy, believe me! Common across Tamil households, this rasam is packed with antibacterial and antifungal properties. The main reason behind its consumption is to start the new year with body cleansing.  

Tamarind Rasam 

This rasam is a treat for all those who love sour spicy food. This rasam is my favourite and I cannot trade this with any other dish. You don’t need to do anything much, just add more tamarind to the rasam with red chili paste. You are going to love this!

Curd Rasam

This unique and amazing curd rasam is made with freshly ground spices and buttermilk. Curd adds a great taste to rasam and makes it worth drooling for. This rasam is also seasoned with curry leaves and is something you should definitely try. 

Orange Rasam 

This unique fruity rasam may be something new to you. It has a tangy taste with a twist of orange, making it absolutely finger-licking. It is also loaded with vitamin C and goes well with rice. 

Betel Leaf Rasam 

Betel leaves have a deep-rooted connection with Indian food. Also known as vethalai rasam in Tamil, this rasam is loaded with several benefits and acts as a great remedy to cure cold and cough. It is easy to make and has strong flavours of betel leaf with other spices. 

                                        Image credits: seema.com

Pepper Rasam 

This plain pepper rasam is comfort food and we know why. Pepper can make any dish spicy without discomforting its taste. This rasam is the easiest to make and tastes yummy. It gets ready in no time and goes well with rice. Don’t forget to try this. 

Here are some rasams that we thought you should know about. Let us know which rasams you already knew about and which rasams were new to you!