Rasam And Rice Is An Emotion, And Even Deepika Padukone Agrees
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Let’s just accept that comfort food has different definitions for different people. It could be a simply bowl of dal-chawal to some, while for others it could be a loaded pizza, a creamy pasta or even aromatic, biryani. For some, momos too define comfort food for many (guilty!). This makes us think that perhaps it isn’t really about the taste, ingredients or cuisine of the food, but nostalgia which is attached to the particular dish that makes it comforting for us. The food that we enjoyed as children makes us love it much more when we grow up. Isn’t it true? And Deepika Padukone too seems to agree. A foodie at heart, Deepika regularly shares her food indulgences on social media for her Instagram fan following of over 68 million. In fact, on various occasions, she has revealed how much she enjoys south Indian food, especially a bowl of simple rasam-rice, and how it is her comfort food. And now in her latest post on social media, she once again reiterated her love for the simple and wholesome combination of rasam-rice through a cute, animated video. Take a look:

"Rasam & Rice is an Emotion...Truly," wrote Deepika Padukone in the caption of the video with a drooling emoji. She also tagged the creator of the animation, popular artist, and illustrator @_potatoface_. In the clip, one can see a girl sitting at a fancy restaurant confused about what to order. She looks at the menu and finds options like chicken, sashimi, and pasta, and amongst it, much to her delight, there was also rasam-rice. Excitedly she places the order for the comforting combination and once it arrives, she enjoys every bite of it. At first, she used the spoon to eat it but right after the first bite she start using her hands to make balls of rasam and rice and eat in true traditional style, which in fact transports her to her own childhood! 

The adorable, animated video by Deepika Padukone has garnered more than 5 million views and 520k likes. It seems like rasam-rice has a massive fan following! For the unversed, rasam is a soup-like delicacy similar to shorba which generally includes lentils, tamarind, curry leaves, and spices that are high in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It is made without the use of cornstarch.  

Deepika has expressed her love for many south Indian delicacies in the past, including filter coffee. In fact, a while ago Deepika along with husband and actor Ranveer Singh noshed upon yummy south Indian breakfast at a popular south Indian restaurant at Delhi airport. Read more about it here. Besides that, Deepika also loves to gorge on everything chocolate-y. She regularly posts pictures and stories of her foodie sojourns and vacations. 

If Deepika has made you crave some rasam right now, we’ve got the perfect recipe right here which you can try at home.