Ranveer Singh Gorges On Some Giant Gujarati Thali; Understanding The Nuances Of The Cuisine
Image Credit: Ranveer Singh Gorges On Some Giant Gujarati Thali/ Pic-https://www.indiatoday.in/

It’s no secret that Ranveer Singh loves to eat and this time during the Jayeshbhai Jordaar in Ahmedabad, was seen gorging on some real huge giant size Gujarati thali. For the uninitiated, he plays a Gujarati boy in the film. It’s not just the food, it’s said that the actor has really worked on his Gujrati accent too. 

The thali that he was savouring was seen to have Khaman Dhokla,Raasawala Dhokla, Bajra Bhakri, Methi Thepla, Sev tamata Nu Shaak, Kathiawadi Dhokli Nu Shaak, Ringan Batete Nu Shaak, Gujarati Dal, Dal Dhokli, Khichidi Kadhi, Chaas, Sukhdi / Gol papdi and more. His plate saw 23 bowls containing different dishes along with some puri, papad too. 

This Sindhi boy had also confessed sometime back that he loves his Sindhi Curry with rice and boondi and Arbi Tuk on the side.

Ranveer Singh Gorges On Some Giant Gujarati Thali/ Pic-https://www.indiatoday.in/


Talking about the nuances of Gujarati cuisine it is supposed be a well mix of khatta, mettha and little theekha on the palate. There’s a popular saying in Gujarati “Surat Nu Jaman Ane Kashi Nu Maran” which means dining at Surat and dying at Varanasi, is the way to heaven. To explore the state, one has to explore and taste the cuisine too. The Thali Meal always an all-delightful vegetarian fare. The typical tampering and seasoning happen to be mustard seed, turmeric, pounded red chillies, cumin and coriander. Al these give a much distinct flavour and aroma to the cuisine. Two of the most speciality dishes happen to be  Aamraas during summer and Undhiyu a medley of roast vegetables and Muthias (veg kebabs) which is mostly had in January.

In the Thali much detailing goes so that there is a perfect balance of tastes and textures from smooth to grainy to granular and more.  And once u look at the Thali you will see how colourful it from the yellow of turmeric, the whiteness of dairy products, the redness of tomatos and so on. The Thali is a perfcet example of harmonious mix of leafy vegetables, pulses and more. 

Here’s an exclusive Undhiyo recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor- This dish happens to be a medley of combination of assorted seasonal vegetables and fresh Indian herbs.

Ingredients for Undhiyo Recipe

o    Potatoes 2 inch cubes 2 large

o    Brinjals 6-8 small

o    Purple Yam (kand) 2 inch cubes 400 grams

o    Fresh pigeon peas (kacha tuvar) 1 cup

o    Surti papdi split 1 cup

o    Raw bananas 2 inch pieces 2

o    Fresh green garlic finely chopped 1/2 cup

o    Fresh coriander leaves chopped 1 cup

o    Fresh green peas crushed 1 cup

o    Coconut scraped 1 cup

o    Green chilli paste 2 tablespoons

o    Sugar 2 tablespoons

o    Lemon juice 1 tablespoon

o    Ginger paste 1 tablespoon

o    Salt to taste

o    Oil to deep fry

o    Carom seeds (ajwain) 1 teaspoon

o    For Muthiya

o    Whole wheat flour (atta) 1 cup

o    Gram flour (besan) 1/4 cup

o    Fenugreek leaves (methi) finely chopped 1/2 cup

o    Turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon

o    Red chilli powder 1 teaspoon

o    Salt to taste

o    Sugar 1 teaspoon


Step 1

To make muthiyas, mix all the ingredients and three tablespoons of oil into a stiff dough. Divide into small portions and shape each into one-inch long half-inch thick rolls.

Step 2

Heat sufficient oil in a kadhai and deep-fry the muthiyas on medium heat till cooked through and light golden. Drain and place on an absorbent paper and set aside.

Step 3

In the same oil lightly fry the potatoes and purple yam separately till light golden. Drain and place on an absorbent paper and set aside.

Step 4

For the stuffing mix together green garlic, coriander leaves, green peas, coconut, green chilli paste, a pinch of sugar, lemon juice, ginger paste and salt in a bowl. Stuff some of this stuffing mixture into the slits of brinjals and raw banana pieces.

Step 5

Heat two tablespoons of the oil left after deep frying. Add ajwain and sauté. Add leelva tuvar and surti papdi and stir. Add half a cup of water and salt, cover and cook for two to three minutes. Open the lid and sprinkle a little of the stuffing mixture.

Step 6

Place the brinjals in a layer over this. Sprinkle a little of the stuffing mixture over this too. Place the raw banana pieces in a layer and once again sprinkle some of the stuffing mixture.

Step 7

Over this place a layer of the fried potatoes and purple yam and sprinkle the remaining stuffing mixture. Drizzle two to three tablespoons of oil all around and over the top. Toss lightly. Cover and cook on very low heat for ten minutes.

Step 8

Open the lid and place the muthiyas, cover once again and cook on very low heat for about half an hour or till all the vegetables are completely done and soft.

Step 9

Serve hot with puris.