Ran Out Of Amchur Powder? Here Are 6 Substitutes For It
Image Credit: Amchur Powder | Image Credit: Freepik.com

Amchur powder is often found on the shelves of the kitchen pantry of Indian households. It is a key ingredient in several foods, such as chole bhature, samosa tikka, and others. Derived from dried, unripe green mangoes, this powder is known for its tangy and slightly sour flavour.   

As most people commonly use amchur powder in daily cooking, circumstances may arise when you run out of this powder. Besides, when you’re in the middle of cooking and you realise you are out of stock of amchur powder, it can truly spoil your mood. But worry not, as there are several worthy substitutes that can easily replace amchur powder while adding a unique twist to your dishes. Take a look at six delightful alternatives to amchur powder:   

  • Lemon Juice   

This is considered one of the simplest alternatives to amchur powder. This freshly squeezed lemon juice offers a tangy flavour that reflects the sourness of amchur powder. You can start by adding a small amount of lemon juice and adjust it according to your taste preferences. Note that lemon juice can alter the liquid content of your dish; thus, consider reducing other liquid ingredients accordingly.   

  • Tamarind Paste  

You can also use tamarind paste as an amchur powder substitute. Tamarind paste offers a rich tanginess with a subtle sweetness. To make tamarind paste, dilute it with water to achieve the desired level of tartness. Also, you can simmer tamarind pulp in water and strain it to get a smooth paste. The paste adds a depth of flavour to dishes like curries, chutneys, and marinades.   

  • Vinegar  

Use particularly white vinegar or apple cider vinegar in place of amchur powder. Vinegar has a sharp acidity that enhances the flavour of various dishes, ranging from savoury to tangy. Make sure to use vinegar sparingly, as its potency can vary depending on the type and strength. You can always start with a small amount and adjust accordingly.   

  • Chaat Masala  

Chaat masala is popularly used in Indian cuisine to add chatpata flavour. Chaat masala is made of different spices, including amchur powder. This makes it an effective alternative to amchur powder. You can use the same amount as you use the amchur powder. You’ll get a satisfying result in the end.  


  • Dried Pomegranate Seeds   

Also known as anardana, dried pomegranate seeds offer a unique sourness that closely resembles the tanginess of amchur powder. To achieve this, grind the dried seeds into a fine powder. Include this flavourful powder in marinades, sauces, and vegetable dishes that provide a burst of tanginess. Dried pomegranate seeds are commonly used in Punjabi food.   

  • Green Mango  

This is the best substitute for amchur powder. As amchur powder is made of green mangoes, it is always a good idea to use the source of it. All you need to do is simply cut the green mangoes into slices and transfer them into a food processor. Blend well and you’ll get green mango puree. Use this in place of amchur powder, which tastes just as good as the latter.