Rampuri Cuisine And Its Royal Culinary History
Image Credit: Murgh changezi (Picture Courtesy: Instagram/ravi2drescue)

Nestled in Uttar Pradesh, Rampur is a lesser-known region that has a lineage of nawabs. The history of Rampuri cuisine goes back to the time when it used to be a princely state. It was nawabs’ love for experimentation and Awadhi and Afghani classics that led to the invention of Rampuri cuisine. During the experimentation, nawabs made sure that tomatoes will have no place in their food and curd will get too much attention. The nawabs basically used the same spices but in a different way and focused on serving the local people’s palates.

One of the specialties of Rampuri cuisine is kachche gosht ki tikia, which is similar to Afghani chapli kebab. It is basically aromatic and melt-in-mouth minced meat tikki. Unlike its counterpart, this delicacy can be prepared without marinating. There is an interesting story behind its invention or creation. Legends say that the nawab of that time was very fond of hunting and eating his prey, however, he hated waiting for long for the delicacy to be served. In a bid to fulfill his wish, khansama (the head chef) came up with a technique that didn’t include time-taking marination. This is how tikki was discovered.

Another scrumptious dish from the Rampuri cuisine is tar qorma. It was created as an energy booster in the nawab’s kitchen. Murgh changezi is another flavourful gravy dish that can tickle your taste buds for sure. 

Now comes the finisher of any Rampuri meal which is mirch ka halwa. Yeah, I know you all are getting a hard time imagining a dessert (which is ideally meant to be sweet) being spicy. But, believe me, it is a must-have. Go for steady eating but do relish mirch ka halwa and thank us later!