5 Fruits That Capture The Essence Of Autumn
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India boasts a wide variety of local fruits and produce. It doesn't come as a surprise since India is the second-largest food-producing nation in the world, just behind its neighbour China. With the fall season in full swing, there are often seasonal fruits that define a particular season. People patiently wait for the season so they can devour their favourite fruits when the season arrives, which is the main reason why these seasonal fruits are so in demand. If you still aren't sure what fruits you should be picking this fall season, we have compiled some amazing fruits that you should be looking for this autumn.


This exotic fruit is a common ingredient in Asian cuisine. It is used in many Asian desserts, such as cakes, juices, smoothies, ice cream, and more. Rambutan is harvested from the tropical rambutan tree and is closely related to lychee. Rambutan is mostly imported from Thailand to India, and it is also grown locally in the Pathanamthitta District of Kerala.

The fruit's shape is round to oval and has succulent white flesh in the middle with bright red skin. Its skin makes it look distinct and is one of its striking features. It has a creamy texture while being sweet and a little tart.


This fruit is full of sweet, fibrous, tangy, and fluid-packed flesh that is loved by many people. It is about the same size as an orange with white flesh and a purple-maroon shell, which is one of its distinct features, just like the Rambutan. It is believed mangosteen's harvest boomed in the 18th century in South India. Tamil Nadu, Nilgiri Hills, Kanyakumari, and Kerala are the common places where mangosteen is harvested in India today.

Buddha Hand

Budhha Hand is a citrusy fruit from Japan that resembles a set of long fingers like those in many portrayals of Buddha, hence the name. Budhha Hand, unlike most citrus fruits, is not juicy and must be sliced before consumption.  Budhha hands, a sign of happiness, longevity, and good fortune are a traditional Chinese New Year gift.

It is usually grown in the northeastern regions of India.

Black Sapote

This fruit is native to the Caribbean, Central America, and eastern Mexico. Black sapote also goes by many other names, such as black persimmon, chocolate pudding fruit, or simply chocolate fruit. This is mainly due to the fact that it has a striking black-brown flesh that resembles chocolate. Its flesh is soft and has a melt-in-the-mouth texture. In shape and size, black sapote resembles a tomato with a greenish-yellow skin that is thin but firm. In India, black sapote is primarily grown in Kerala.

Passion Fruit

The fruit of the passion The fruit is small to medium in size and round to oval in form. It has a robust and smooth exterior skin that ranges in colour from vibrant purple to deep crimson to bright yellow.

The interior of a passion fruit is definitely a sight to behold. The fruit is separated into two sections: the thick, rind-like outer shell and the inner, luscious pulp containing edible seeds. Passion fruit is grown in many areas of India, such as Nilgiris, Coorg, Malabar, Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, and Mizoram.