Ramadan Mubarak: Your Guide To Finding The Most Delectable Iftar Feasts In Delhi
Image Credit: Sudan Restaurant And Community Meal, From kebabs to curries, these places offer the best iftar in town.

It is quite interesting how Ramadan and Navratri have coincided with each other this year. While there is no dearth of festivals in India, the atmosphere becomes even more vibrant and cheerful when there are several celebrations commencing simultaneously. Both the festivals involve fasting and praying to the Lord to draw a personal connect with him. While the latter is a nine-day fasting period, the former spreads over a month of rozas. The Muslim community across the globe observe these rozas for 28-30 days consecutively without any food or water. 

The day in a Muslim household during Ramadan usually begins before dawn. Each member of the family joins hands to pray and eat their Sehri. Post that, they are abstained from consuming anything. It is only once the sun sets that they break their fasts and enjoy the food spread known as iftar. Right from kebabs to biryani and sherbets, the lavish meal is relished to the core. If you’re looking for a memorable iftar feast this year, these are the places in Delhi that you ought to visit. 

1.  Ghalib Kebab Corner 

The most authentic Mughlai fare can be found right on the streets of the cultural hub. The holy Nizamuddin dargarh sees throngs of visitors each year and an even larger chunk of them head to the dingy lanes of Ghalib Road to gulp down some kebabs and curries. From seekh to boti kebabs, they have a wide range of rolls on offer too, at affordable rates. 

Source: Oye Delhi/Instagram 

2.  Al Jawahar 

Drool over the ghee-loaded meaty curries at this hole-in-the-wall eatery located near Jama Masjid. A popular restaurant in Old Delhi, their nihari and chicken Jahangiri are to die for. Pair it with some rice or khameeri roti and you’ll keep coming back every day for iftar. 

Source: Al Jawahar Restaurant/Instagram

3.  Purani Dilli Restaurant 

The name might draw the misconception that it is in Old Delhi but the fact is that this age-old culinary hub is located in New Delhi’s Okhla area. The aroma of mutton curry fast fills the restaurant and if you’re going for iftar, you cannot skip their haleem. The rich, meaty stew is a must-have along with some sheermal. 

4.  Karim’s 

Planning an iftar feast and Karim’s doesn’t strike you? It isn’t really possible. The flagbearer of Mughlai fare in the city, serving authentic flavours for decades now, nobody can compete with Karim’s when it comes to their steaming hot biryanis and chicken burra. Also, leave some space for their famous phirni or else you’ll regret. You’d find their outlets in Nizamuddin as well as Old Delhi. 

Source: Official Karims Gorakhpur/Instagram 

5.  Cool Point 

The talk of all this greasy food reminds us of ways to keep it cool and sweet. Nowhere else other than Cool Point near Jama Masjid. Close to Matia Mahal bazaar, this is a small one-stop shop for all your sweet cravings post a heavy iftar meal. From sherbets and mango, banana lassis to mithais like shahi tukda which is their USP, you’ll find everything here. 

Source: Cool Point Shahi Tukda/Instagram