An Iftar Guide To Mohammed Ali Road-Bohri Mohalla In Mumbai
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As the aromas of meat roasting on hot coals fill up the narrow lanes along Mohammed Ali Road – devout hungry people find themselves stationed at different stalls to get their fill of iftar specials during the holy month of Ramadan. The famed eat street, which is distinctly divided by the various offerings that are exclusive to the festive season, has a reputation that is almost legendary at this point. From kebabs, biryani, malpua, phirni and piping hot mawa jalebis, visitors have plenty to sample and even pack a doggy bag to take home – basis of the curated list we’ve put together for our readers.


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Once you’ve braved your way through the jam-packed streets, find yourself sipping on a glass of chilled watermelon sherbet at the legendary Imam’s – opposite Haji’s Seekh Corner. The stall, which has been operational since 1925 is known to sell the one beverage and nothing else; so you know it has to be exemplary! Made with a masala milk base, sugar and finely chopped chunks of fresh watermelon – the sherbet acts as a great refresher before you begin eating your way through the brightly lit streets. The owner also mentioned that he sells a whopping 1000 litres of the sherbet each day during Ramadan.

Address: 74, Khara Tank Rd, Ajmer, Kumbharwada


Without steering too far from the drink stall, make a beeline to the other side of the road and find yourself at Haji’s Seekh Corner – for some of the best mutton shammi and seekh kebabs money can buy. If your appetite permits, order the koftas with paratha to share with a friend or two, as you watch men at work doling out kebabs in batches. The smell of the spices and aromatics lace the air, making it intoxicating enough for you to want to eat more than necessary.

Address: Shop 21/22, A Block, Khara Tank Rd, Bori Mohalla


Simply walking around Bohri Mohalla can be classified as a sensory experience in itself as the smell of freshly baked nankhatai biscuits will tease your nose. Trace your steps to Maadiya Bakery where these old-school, buttery treats are stacked alongside rectangular slabs of mawa cake, milk rusk and khari biscuit. Pack a large bag of all of the mentioned things in small portions to enjoy with your chai or coffee at home.

Address: 74, Khara Tank Rd, Ajmer, Kumbharwada

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Nalli Nihari

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While many ‘legendary’ establishments pride themselves in serving up the best nalli nihari during Ramadan, most of them are simply victims of the hype created on the internet; or have deteriorated since being recognised for their delicious food. However, Nawab Seekh Paratha is one place where you’re sure to find a nihari that is comforting and wholesome – if fat pooling on top of the stew and hygiene aren’t things that would faze you. You might also find plenty of customers visiting to relish the seekh kebabs, which look promising and worth a try – when paired with their freshly ground mint chutney and sliced onions.

Address: M.S. Ali Road, Two Tank, Mumbai

Chicken Naan Sandwich & Baida Roti

Located right opposite the Don Taki police station is the Jilani Fast Food Corner stall that is said to be perpetually crowded with patrons waiting to get their share of the chicken naan sandwich. What is essentially juicy chunks of chicken flavoured with kasoori methi, grilled on coals before it is sandwiched between two naans, is a hearty meal in itself that can easily be shared by two, if you plan on trying out other dishes during your iftar walk as well. Jilani is also known for their crisp and flaky chicken baida roti that is stuffed with a spicy mince, eggs, onions and green chillies.

Address: 121/129, Kanchwala Building, Ground Floor, MS Ali Road, near Star Of UP hotel

Mawa Jalebi

For vegetarians who might find themselves lost in this place, sweets are really the best way to get an immersive culinary experience. Even for Mumbaikars, the mawa jalebi is a fairly alien concept – imagine a jalebi that tastes like the best gulab jamun you’ve ever eaten! Crispy on the outside and bursting with the flavour of fresh mawa, the Burhanpur Jalebi Centre, named after the place of origin of the sweet treat, will treat you to hot jalebis fried in ghee that you can sink your teeth into just as it is, or enjoy with a cup of cold phirni.

Address: Shop No 125, Opposite Chinese N Grill, near Minara Masjid


What is perhaps one of the rarest and most underrated finds during the iftar walk in search for Ramadan special treats was stumbling upon a non-descript, unnamed stall managed by a lady selling a malpua-like sweet. At first, it is hard to tell the difference between the deep-fried Ramadan treat and this pan-fried pancake with a sugar crust. However, upon closer inspection you can tell by the smell of ghee and mawa wafting in the air surrounding the stall that the bhandoli – whose key ingredients include rice flour, mawa, eggs, milk and granulated sugar is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. [Due to the makeshift nature of the stall, Slurrp was unable to have an exact address of the place. However, asking around will surely help you find this delicacy.]