Ramadan 2024: 7 Classic Non-Vegetarian Dishes For Iftar Meals
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Ramadan is a holy month, and many people wait for this auspicious period throughout the year. It is a month of deep devotion and Muslims across the world indulge in rigorous fasting throughout the month. Every day, the fast is started with a light Sehri meal, and the fasting is concluded later in the evening with a meal which is called Iftar.

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Iftar is generally a grand and exaggerated meal that consists of an array of dishes, all of which are mouthwatering. For the year 2024, Ramadan will be celebrated from 10th March to 9th April.Thinking of new dishes every day for Iftar can be a troublesome task. But to make this easier for everyone, here is an assortment of some delicious non-vegetarian dishes. All these dishes are quite easy to make and can be made a part of the Iftar meal as everybody is going to love them.

* Chicken Seekh Kebab

Chicken Seekh Kebab is a beloved recipe and is one of the most loved non-vegetarian dishes. One can never go wrong with the traditional chicken recipe, especially a kebab. This appetising dish is made by mixing some soft pieces of chicken with a mixture of aromatic spices to make the dish tantalising. The best part about this dish is its smoky flavour which has been an identification mark of the chicken seekh kebab for ages. One can have it with different types of bread and a lot of flavourful chutneys to have the most soul-satisfying experience.

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* Shrimp Biryani

During Ramadan, one can go extra creative and skip the conventional chicken and mutton biryani. One should try making shrimp biryani during the season and try something extra delicious. Although conventionally Biriyani has been associated with chicken and mutton for a long time, shrimp biryani is equally delicious and aromatic. Shrimps are first marinated with a thick onion-based gravy and then layered meticulously with rice and other condiments. A spoonful of this biryani is enough to mesmerise everyone.

* Chicken Keema

Chicken Keema is the perfect dish for people who want to play it safe and not make a dish that heavily relies on rice. Chicken Keema can be paired with tender naans or even chapatis. Chicken Keema is prepared by using minced chicken that is perfectly seasoned with some exotic spices and green peas. This is a delicacy that is only delightful and can be released with different types of bread. It is also quite hassle-free to make at home.

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* Lamb Rogan Josh

Lamb Rogan Josh is another flavourful Iftar meal that comes with a burst of thousands of flavours. The rich and creamy spicy lamb Rogan Josh serves the flavour buds of people who like spicy food. The secret to delicious lamb in the Rogan Josh is using a perfectly soft lamp and marinating it with the right kind of exotic spices. A lot of Kashmiri red chilli powder is also used in the preparation of this dish if one wants to make it as authentic as possible. Lamb Rogan Josh can be eaten with white rice, naan or even chapati.

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* Lamb Korma

Another flavourful dish that can be made from lamb for an Iftar meal is lamb korma. This is another lip-smacking dish that one can enjoy with different types of Indian bread. The best way to make lamb korma is to first use fresh lamb and marinate it with gravy that is heavily based on cashews. The right way to make lamb korma is to keep it subtly spicy and extremely creamy. This enthralling dish is perfect for children as well as it is not extremely spicy.

* Hariyali Chicken Tikka

Hariyali chicken tikka has a striking green colour and a refreshing flavour of a lot of fresh ingredients such as mint leaves, coriander, leaves, and green chillies. It is also made with a mixture of a lot of beautiful spices. It is even better than its outer appearance and is certainly something that one must try making for Iftar. The pre-preparation for this dish is also simple and it gets prepared in a few minutes.

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* Putta Tikka

Putta tikka is a mutton recipe that is prepared in the conventional Peshawari style. Putta Tikka is the bestway to break one's day-long fast. It is made by using some tangy yoghurt and conventional spices, such as turmeric, red chilli, green chillies, coriander and pepper powder. All the spices together give a very wholesome taste to the tikka and make it a perfect Iftar meal. It can be enjoyed with different types of Indian breads and chutneys.