Ramadan 2024: 5 Malabar Moplah Cuisine Dishes To Try
Image Credit: Pexels

With the beautiful crescent moon in the sky starts the holy beginning of Ramadan. This month, Muslims from all around the world fast together for the whole day and then break the fast at Iftar with some mouth-watering dishes. Their table is set with traditional food that brings the families together.

One of the most delicious cuisines is the Malabar Moplah cuisine, which is made by the families in the Malabar region of Kerela. To date, the households of north Kerela make culinary delights that hold a rich heritage, and of course, they taste great. If you’re looking to try some sumptuous dishes this month, here are some of the best Malabar Moplah cuisine dishes that you shouldn’t miss.

Moplah Biryani

Biryani is the essence of Ramadan. But Moplah biryani takes the traditional dish to another level. Unlike the spicy Hydrabad version of biryani, the Moplah community use short-grained rice. The layer of boiled rice is then layered with marinated meat, onions, dry fruits, and nuts. A special Moplah spice mix, which is a mixture of cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and bay leaves, is used to make this aromatic slow-cooked dish that usually takes centre place on the Iftar table.


Pathiri, the staple bread of Kerela, is a special Malabar Moplah dish. Just like normal roti, you need to knead the dough, but instead of wheat flour, it is made with rice flour, water, and a little salt. You can then take small balls out of the dough, roll them into circles, and cook them on a tawa with a little oil or ghee. Add some grated coconut to give the pathiri a sweet hint, or add some filling to make the meal more sumptuous.


Neichoru, or ghee rice, is another easy-to-make Moplah Malabar dish that is so flavourful that you’ll thank yourself for making this Ramadan. To make Neichoru, you’ll need short-grained rice and, of course, a generous amount of ghee. Then, you can cook the rice with spices like cardamom and cloves, dry fruits, and nuts like cashew nuts, which can add some crunch to the ghee rice.

Moplah Mutton Ishtew, or stew, is a quintessential Malabar dish that is also appreciated in other parts of India, especially during Ramadan. To make the Moplah mutton stew, you’ll be required to make a gravy with coconut milk and spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. Then, add tender mutton pieces and slow cook the stew till all the flavours are absorbed by the meat. You can then enjoy it with ghee rice, roti, or even biryani.

Kerala Fish Fry

Kerela fish fry is extremely popular due to the fresh availability and the love for fish. This Moplah dish can be made by marinating fish pieces in a ginger garlic paste mixed with your go-to spices. The coated fish is then shallow-fried till it is crispy. You can also add imli (tamarind) chutney and curry leaves to give it a tangy twist. Enjoy it with roti or rice during Ramadan with your family.