Ramadan 2023; Avoid These Food Items In Sehri
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Given that many areas of India are already experiencing above-average temperatures, it is crucial to make an extra effort to look after your health. Those who fast throughout the day without food or water during the holy month of Ramadan risk becoming dehydrated and ill. So, it's critical to pay attention to your diet and consume cooling meals for Sehri that are not only satisfying and nourishing but also serve as a form of sun protection.

Here are some food items you must avoid for sehri-

Caffeinated and carbonated drinks

In addition to causing the body to become more acidic, carbonated beverages are detrimental to your health because they raise your risk of becoming obese. While you fast all day throughout Ramadan, your body may not have enough time to process carbonated or caffeinated drinks, which causes your acidity to rise. Moreover, coffee and the majority of carbonated beverages are diuretics and would make you crave water and the lavatory frequently, leading to dehydration.

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Avoid eating spicy and fried meals first thing in the morning because they will make you feel uncomfortable all day long with their acidity, heartburn, and indigestion. Moreover, fried foods are only heavy in calories and saturated fats and provide little nourishment. Eliminate harmful foods from the list, including bread rolls, bread pakodas, and even sweet and fried delicacies like gulab jamun.

High sodium foods

Although salty foods assist the transfer of nerve impulses, maintain a healthy fluid balance, and aid move our muscles, health experts do advise eating them when fasting. Nonetheless, it is preferable to avoid consuming too much sodium during the hot summer months. Doctors claim that high-sodium foods don't help you feel full for very long and instead leave you thirsty, hungry, and seeking junk food. High-sodium diets make summertime blood pressure levels rise, which is bad for the health of the heart.

Processed food

According to medical professionals, consuming unhealthy foods before starting your fast can negate its advantages. Steer clear of processed meats, trans fats, refined sugar, and carbs, which you should already be limiting in your daily diet.

High carb meals

Meals like bread, rice, and potatoes should be avoided during sehri, because they contain a lot of complex carbs and take a while to digest, You would experience constant hunger from these foods, and they might even give you indigestion.