Ramadan Special: Where To Break Your Fast In Bengaluru
Image Credit: Pixabay

Bengaluru sees neighbourhoods like the Mosque Road in Pulikeshi Nagar and Johnson Market come alive with food during Ramadan. While the Holy month is characterised by fasting, feasts form an important part of it too. During iftar, dishes like kebabs and nihari become a fixture at tables, giving those who are fasting much needed nourishment. We recommend six places in Bengaluru where you may go to break you fast: 


Pulikeshi Nagar saw the first outlet of Rahhams, which is now a chain, in 1998. Although the menu also has Indian-Chinese food on it, visit for the kebabs like mutton shaami and pahadi kebab. Teetar (quail) also makes an appearance, as do mutton and chicken biryani. Gravy dishes like mutton mughlai make a filling meal when coupled with rice. 

Chichaba’s Taj 

Originally established in Shivajinagar in 1935, ‘Taj Hotel’ served traditional Muslim cuisine. The founder was fondly called ‘Chichaba’ and Chichaba’s Taj was started. The extensive menu includes paya soup, seekh kebab, Chichaba’s mutton and chicken kebabs, mutton chops and nalli nihari. The biryani here is called ‘degh biryani’ and is very popular, as is the phirni from the dessert menu. 

Siddique Kabab Centre

Another Pulikeshi Nagar institution, Siddique Kabab Centre has a one-page menu which features chicken kebab, tandoori kebab, seekh kebab and even Arabian barbecue. Rolls with fillings like chicken tikka are also available. The place doesn’t really have mutton dishes on the menu as the focus is mainly on chicken, even under the Indian-Chinese section. 

Makkah Cafe

Located in Johnson Market, Makkah Cafe is known for its harira (a soup made with lentils, chickpeas and fava beans) and dry fruit naan. The place also serves iftar classics like samosa and khajoor. Their Sulaimani chai alone is worth visiting for, which makes the ideal accompaniment to the various snacks. Prices are very reasonable. 

S.R. & Sons Bakery 

If you’re looking for a break from heavier, more traditional iftar dishes like nalli nihari and rich kebabs, try the puffs, samosas and rolls at S.R. & Sons Bakery. The puffs come with every kind of filling from vegetables, egg, chicken, mutton and even brain. Try the keema naan and finish off your meal with the unusual ‘ande ki mithai’.

Karama Restaurant

Karama Restaurant claims to specialise in Middle Eastern, Punjabi and Karachi cuisine, with seekh and Peshawari kebabs, Karachi-style curries, bheja, hummus and muttabbal on the lengthy menu. There are also dals and biryani, and a tawa fry fiery chilli brain under the ‘mutton special’.