Ramadan 2022: 5 Beverages For A Refreshing Treat
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Ramadan month is just a week away and we know you must be busy prepping for the same. This year, Ramadan will be celebrated from April 2 till May 2, and Muslims around the globe are all set to celebrate it with devotion. The festival involves fasting the whole day, from dawn to dusk, and breaking the fast with a wholesome feast called iftar. The feast has all things decadent - from dishes to beverages and desserts. As Ramadan is almost here, we know that you are putting things together for the same. So, to make it easier for you, here are five refreshing beverages you can add to your iftar.

1. Mohabbat Ka Sharbat

Get transported to the streets of Purani Dilli with this delicious, refreshing and pink-hued drink. Made with milk, rose syrup and watermelon chunks, Mohabbat ka Sharbat is one of the best beverages when it comes to taste and refreshment.  

2. Jallab

Most of us have been die-hard fans of Middle Eastern foods and beverages, and this drink is surely one of those drool-worthy and delicious culinary gems. A sweet and refreshing drink, Jallab is made with dates, molasses, rose water, raisins and pine nuts.

3. Phalse Ka Sharbat

Usually consumed for its cooling properties, Phalse ka Sharbat is made with black currants. The flavourful and refreshing drink is perfect to be consumed during iftar.

4. Badam Milk

Easy to make, refreshing and delicious, badam milk is a decadent beverage to have during Ramadan. The drink is enriched with the goodness of almonds and saffron and is all things royal and delectable. Moreover, the nutritious and low-calorie drink is an ideal option when it comes to consuming it after a fast.

5. Mango Smoothie

As Ramadan falls during the summer season this time, there’s nothing better than relishing a drink made with the season’s best product - mangoes. Make a rich, creamy and flavourful mango smoothie and relish it after your fast. You can add some nuts and dry fruits to make your smoothie more nutritious and add a crunch to it.