Réal Refreshment: 100% Tender Coconut Water, No Added Sugars!

This is why it is crucial to pick the right beverage: Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water. It contains 100% tender coconut water, which is harvested from carefully chosen young, green, and tender coconuts.    

Sipping on Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water helps keep you calm and relaxed with its hydrating properties and feels like you are drinking water fresh out of a coconut. This nourishing drink contains no added sugars and serves as one of the best naturally fat-free solutions that will keep you healthy and hydrated throughout the day. 

What are the benefits of drinking Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water?  

  • It helps maintain your skin and digestive health
  • The beverage supports hydration 
  • It is a naturally low-calorie and fat-free product which contains naturally-present electrolytes 
  • It doesn’t just have a refreshing taste, but is good for your immunity as well

Video Credit: YouTube/Real Fruit Power

How is Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water made? 

Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water is the ultimate thirst quencher and a tasty and nourishing option. It is extracted from green tender coconuts as compared to mature coconuts. The fresh and tender coconuts are directly procured from the farm, and contains zero coconut water concentrate. 

Why you should consume Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water 

  • Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water contains naturally occurring electrolytes like potassium, calcium, and magnesium 
  • It is low on calories (only 18 Kcal) but is hydrating, it contains replenishing electrolytes like potassium along with other important minerals like calcium and magnesium 
  • Electrolyte-like potassium is known to help maintain healthy blood pressure and muscle functioning in the body 

No wonder coconut water is referred to as nature's drink! 

So, the next time you’re looking for a healthy way to stay hydrated, choose Réal Activ 100% Tender Coconut Water, which is 100% tender coconut water, with no added sugars and flavours.  

Coconut water with Aloe Vera, Lemon & Zinc  

Real also has coconut water+ with Aloe Vera, Lemon and zinc. This wonder drink has the goodness of coconut water along with Aloe vera and Lemon juice that is good for skin health, so one may consume it every day. This beverage is also enriched with Zinc which is good for a healthy immune system. 

Disclaimer-Contains naturally occurring sugars